Tempered Block Breaker

tempered block breaker

Tempered Block Breaker

Separate tempered trim blocks into original pieces

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Tempered Block Breaker


Our innovative and unique Tempered Block Breaker is designed to take tempered and semi-frozen beef trim blocks and separate them back into their natural pieces to avoid USDA relabeling regulations. This allows for spraying of citric acid (or other agents) onto each side of product muscle to reduce or eliminate bacteria growth.

Many processors are utilizing the Tempered Block Breaker to help prevent e. coli contamination and subsequent costly recall and lawsuits.

Solid 4” solid shafts with 7” blades are strong enough to handle meat trim blocks semi-frozen at 19°, but operates ideally when blocks are tempered to 26°. Gentle processing captures 99% of product purge, retaining product weight and saving you money.

Safety is key in the meat processing industry. The Tempered Block Breaker boasts a safety switch and actuator on the auger discharge trough that prevents the machine from running if guarding is not in place. Safety guarding runs the length of the top of the machine, preventing operators from falling into the breaker.

Separate tempered trim blocks, save purge, reduce expenses, and treat product to eliminate bacteria with the Tempered Block Breaker!

  • Model # A-08444
  • Motor Power: 30 hp
  • Overall Weight: 4,231.42 lbs
  • Dimensions: 106.97″ l  |  53.12″ w  |  126.75″ h

The Fusion Tech Tempered Block Breaker comes equipped with a number of standard features designed to for durability, sanitation, and safety.


  • Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  • Solid 4” Shaft Auger & Breaker Bars
  • Hopper Constructed from 3/8” Side Plates and 5/8” End Plates
  • Dual 160 Corrosion Resistant Roller Chains
  • 30 HP Baldor Motor
  • Low Output RPM Sumitomo Gearbox
  • Solid Poly Lube Filled Bearings for a Maintenance Free Application
  • Touch Screen Control Panel


  • Motor Amp Overload Protection
  • Safety Interlinks
  • Combo Sensor and Lid Safety Switch
  • Auger Output Door Closes Automatically When No Product is Present

Cleaning / Sanitation

  • CIP Mode for Easy Cleaning
  • Exceeds All AMI Sanitary Design Requirements

The Tempered Block Breaker is the perfect equipment solution to:

Break Semi-Frozen Product Into Natural State
The USDA requires any product broken down into 1″ or smaller pieces to be labeled as processed. The Tempered Block Breaker breaks up semi-frozen block back into the natural pieces — meaning you don’t have to label your product as processed.

Easily Treat Product to Eliminate Bacteria
Bacteria tends to grow on the outside of a muscle. Once the product is ground, the bacteria is spread throughout the entire product batch, causing significant contaminated and wasted product. The Tempered Block Breaker allows you to spray all sides of the product muscle with citric acid (or other agents) to reduce or eliminate bacteria.

Reduce Your Workforce
The Tempered Block Breaker system only requires 4 employees to operate from the time product leaves your microwave to the time it exits the block breaker. Some customers have reported a reduction in work force from 32 employees down to 4. It also allows your plant to prep products days in advance, instead of processing the same day.

Save Purge
Using the Tempered Block Breaker system captures 99% of product purge (blood, water, etc), saving you product weight which saves you money.


Download the product brochure to learn more about our Tempered Block Breaker.

Tempered Block Breaker Brochure

Tempered Block Breaker Prep System

Prep your product before entry into the tempered block breaker with the fully loaded Prep System. The entire system only requires 7 employees to operate, and includes touch screen controls.

Download the product brochure to learn more about the Tempered Block Breaker.

Eliminate Bacteria

Smaller pieces make it easier to spray all sides with anti-microbial solution to reduce bacteria.

No USDA Relabeling

Break semi-frozen (28°F) blocks into natural pieces — no need to relabel as processed.

Reduce Workforce

System requires minimal employees to operate — reducing your labor expenses.

Save Purge

Captures 99% of product purge, saving you weight and ultimately money.

Improve Safety

Eliminate the need for workers to break blocks apart by hand or stuffing blocks into grinder.

Tempered Block Breaker Features

The Fusion Tech Tempered Block Breaker comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

Click on each number to learn more about the Tempered Block Breaker.

Fusion Tech worked with us to take our current operation of processing frozen beef trim blocks that took 2 shifts and 22 employees to reach our product goals and reduced it to a 1 shift operation manned by 7 people. They designed a new piece of equipment for us that took our semi-frozen trim blocks and gently broke them up so we could treat each piece to eliminate any bacteria. We told them what we needed the system to do, and they went to work researching options and designing a system that met our needs and saved us time and money. We are able to process the same amount of product in 1 shift that we did in two. I would highly recommend working with the team at Fusion Tech.

Charlie TamburelliBirchwood Foods

Safety Gate

Designed to keep operators from accidentally falling into the machine.


Solid Shafts

Solid 4″ auger and breaker bar shafts make this machine durable enough to break tempered and semi-frozen blocks apart.


Dual Chains

Dual 160 corrosion resistant roller chains drive the auger and breaker bar shafts.


Safety Switch & Actuator

Prevents the machine from running unless discharge auger cover is locked in place.


Auger Output Door

Auger output door closes automatically when no product is present to keep employees safe.