American made ovens

5 Important Benefits of American Made & Serviced Ovens

There’s something to be said for buying an industrial oven that is manufactured and serviced in America.

Putting aside the fact that American made means you’re supporting the creation and maintaining of jobs here in America, there are a number of benefits that come with the Made in America stamp on your industrial oven.

Greater quality, better customer service, and the ease of customization are just a few highlights of purchasing an industrial oven from an American manufacturer. But that’s not all!

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smokehouse controller report

5 Reporting Features to Demand from Your Smokehouse Controller

An industrial smokehouse is only as good as the smokehouse controller that comes with it.

Think about it: your industrial smokehouse can be the most advanced piece of technology on the market, it can allow you to direct the breakpoint anywhere in the oven, it can increase product consistency and yields, but if the controller is difficult to use — or so outdated to be nothing more than dials and gauges — it will cause you more headache than it’s worth.

The smokehouse controller is the brains of your industrial oven and, as such, should be robust enough to not only easily control every aspect of your smokehouse, but should also track and report the status of your smokehouse.

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oven airflow better product

3 Ways Oven Airflow Makes Your Product Better

Oven airflow plays a crucial role in producing a better, more consistent cooked product.

The breakpoint air stream, formed where the high- and low-velocity airflows collide, is ultimately what cooks your product — replacing the cold area around your product with the hot air that will cook it.

It goes without saying, then, that the oven airflow has the ability to either over-cook or under-cook your product, depending where it’s located on your smokehouse truck. The closer your product is to the breakpoint, the more it gets cooked — producing a darker color, greater yield loss, and making your product drier.

The reverse is also true: the further from the breakpoint, the longer your product takes to cook — producing a lighter color, less yield loss, and not drying your product as much. The longer cook time is what causes the product closer to the breakpoint to over-cook.

We explained the science behind all this in our crash course on the oven breakpoint.

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smokehouse breakpoint guide

The Easy to Understand Guide to Smokehouse Breakpoint

Smokehouse Breakpoint. If you work with industrial smokehouses, or are in the market for one, you’re likely familiar with the term. It is the most important factor in your smokehouse, after all.

But what exactly is the smokehouse breakpoint? How does it form? Why is it so important? How does it affect your product?

Even those in the business of cooking and drying product, or purchasing smokehouses for their company, have trouble answering those questions.

If the breakpoint really is the most important factor in your smokehouse (and you’ll see below, it really is!), then it’s imperative to understand what exactly the breakpoint it and how it affects your product.

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smokehouse truck in oven

2 Necessary Features You Want in a Smokehouse Truck

The smokehouse truck plays a crucial role in the airflow in an industrial smokehouse or dehydrator.

The correct design of a smokehouse truck will allow the breakpoint air stream (the air that flows over your product and cooks it) to move over your product unobstructed — keeping the breakpoint velocity from degrading as it moves across your product. This is essential to evenly cook your product.

An incorrect design, however, will do the exact opposite: obstruct the breakpoint air stream, degrade it as it flows over your product, resulting in unevenly cooked product.

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oven airflow

4 Best Features that Make Oven Airflow Better

Oven airflow plays a crucial role in making your cooked or smoked product better.

The ability to control oven airflow has been tied to increased product consistency, more consistent product coloring, and improved product yields (meaning less weight loss). When you can control exactly where the oven breakpoint will occur, and create multiple breakpoints in the oven, you eliminate hot and cold spots on the rack and your product cooks more consistently.

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industrial smokehouse

4 Best Features to Look for in an Industrial Smokehouse

Finding the right industrial smokehouse for your food processing facility can be difficult.

Do a quick Google search for industrial smokehouse and you’ll find plenty of companies selling what they consider to be the best smokehouse on the market — each with a list of features and options that can make the decision tricky.

Knowing which options you need, and which are just extra features that cost you money but don’t really add any value to the oven or your product, is key to making the right choice in your smokehouse purchase.

But how do you know what features you need? We’re glad you asked!

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