5 Benefits of an In-house Design Team

When it comes to developing custom food processing equipment, accessory items, processing line and factory layouts, few manufacturers are equipped to take on the full challenge like Fusion Tech. There’s one key aspect about our company that sets us apart – we have a fully staffed design and drafting team.

Most manufacturers of food processing equipment have the fabrication side down, but lack greatly when it comes to on-staff designers, drafters, and 3D modelers. Fusion Tech is different. We have eight full time staff members dedicated to design and drafting, and that team is continuing to grow. (Are you a SolidWorks designer? We’re hiring!)

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reverse engineering

Benefits of Reverse Engineering

When it comes to improving the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural equipment, look no further than the expert design team at Fusion Tech. Our design team is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated software and training to provide you with high quality reverse engineering services.
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