PushPal Cart Safety Handle

pushpal cart safety handle


Cart Safety Handle

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PushPal Cart Safety Handle

The Fusion Tech PushPal is an innovative cart safety handle designed in response to a costly operator hand injury caused by gripping a smokehouse cart on the side edges.

Engineered with a toggle clamp and two round hand grips, the PushPal easily attaches to the center post of a smokehouse cart to reduce the risk of injury from smashing, pinching, and crushing that can occur when operators place their hands on the side edges of a cart.

The PushPal is simple to use: place the PushPal center draw bar around the center support post of the smokehouse cart at a comfortable height for the operator, and push the toggle clamp down. The PushPal is locked into place, providing the operator with an ergonomically safe handle that keeps their hands clear of possible sources of injury.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel, the PushPal exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for use in food processing facilities and is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

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pushpal cart safety handle

Featured in the National Provisioner!

Discover the story of a food processing injury that led to the creation of
the industry's favorite smokehouse cart handle.

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We handle on average 75 full racks in a day’s production. The PushPal has made handling hot racks safer, faster, and much more sanitary than anything we have ever used in the past. Thank you for designing something so simple but so effective.

The Push Pal increased safety for employees, and because we did not have to modify every cook cart, and it has saved Deli Star money.

Ergonomically Safe

The PushPal helps maintain posture, keeps elbows in, positions wrists to increase leverage and reduce strain, and reduces torque on the back while pushing a loaded cart.

Slip Protection

The PushPal gives operators a steady surface to grab onto in the case of slick or wet floor when pushing a smokehouse cart to help prevent slips and falls.

Better Visibility

The PushPal keeps operators upright, giving them better visibility while pushing a cart and increasing safety for the operator and those in the pathway of the cart.

No Cross Contamination

The PushPal keeps operator hands off the cart, reducing the risk of cross contamination with food product.

hand injuries chart_2015

Of the 358,890 cases with injuries or illnesses to upper extremities, 143,900 involved the hands.

Reduce the Risk of Injury. Save Money.

Hands account for the most injured body part in work related accidents, especially in food processing facilities. One injury can easily cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in accident investigations, OSHA logs, employee downtime and turnover, insurance premium increases, medical services, and more.

PushPal greatly reduces the risk of hand injuries that can occur when maneuvering a loaded smokehouse cart through a facility.

  • Hands are clear from cart edges, reducing the risk of smashing and pinching.
  • Handles can be placed at an ergonomically safe height, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and strains.
  • Carts are easier to control, reducing the risk of awkward jerks and jolts on the wrists.
Reduce the risk of employee injuries and save money with PushPal!

Standard Sizes

PushPal Original

Model #PushPal StyleFootprintCenter Post SizeCart Style
A-13003-1Original30.50″l x 3.50″d x 10″h2″ x 2″Center Post
A-13003-2Original30.50″l x 3.50″d x 10″h2″ x 3″Center Post
A-13003-3Original30.50″l x 3.50″d x 10″h3″ x 3″Center Post

PushPal Slide

Model #PushPal StyleFootprintExtended LengthCompressed LengthSide Bar Width
A-14903Slide9.19″d x 11.25″h35.65″29.73″V-Shaped
A-14927Slide9.19″d x 11.25″h29.48″23.56″1.67″

The PushPal can be adjusted to fit your specific cart.


The Fusion Tech PushPal Cart Safety Handle comes with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

Click on each number to learn more about our PushPal Cart Safety Handle.

pushpal cart safety handle

Rounded Hand Grips

Provides a comfortable grip while moving cart throughout facility.


Center Draw Bar

Wraps around center support post of smokehouse cart to provide stability. PushPal can be placed at any height on the cart.


Locking Toggle

Locks PushPal cart safety handle onto smokehouse cart.


Cart Support Bar

Rests on the cart to provide greater leverage and control.