prevent ergonomic injuries

Prevent Ergonomic Injuries

A good number of injuries incurred in a food processing plant are the result of poor ergonomics. Awkward postures, heavy lifting, repetitive movements, hard concrete flooring, overstretching due to equipment being too tall or too short – all are factors that play into employee injuries.

The good news is that injuries resulting from poor ergonomics are preventable. A small investment in employee training and ergonomic equipment can not only prevent employee injuries, but save you a lot of money in the process.

We’ve put together a simple chart to help you discover the best ways to prevent the most common ergonomic injuries:

Risk FactorPrevention Measures
All Ergonomic Injuries

  • Stretching
  • Exercise

Awkward PostureSet up work area to minimize excessive kneeling, squatting, neck and wrist bending, hands above the head, elbows above the shoulders. Invest in:

Heavy LiftingTrain employees on proper lifting techniques, such as getting help to lift heavy objects, using carts, avoiding twisting their back, bending the knees, keeping object close to the body. Invest in:

  • Cart Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Pallet Lifts
  • Carts
  • Dumpers

Repetitive MovementTrain employees to take short breaks during repetitive tasks or rotate jobs.
Hard Concrete FloorsUse cushioned floor mats and train employees to wear supportive shoes.

A simple investment in ergonomic solutions can greatly reduce your employees’ risk of injury, and save you thousands, if not millions, in injury costs. Here at Fusion Tech, we offer a number of ergonomic equipment solutions to protect your employees and your pocketbook from injury.