saw safety

Industrial Saw Safety Rules

Incorporating industrial saws into your processing operation may be necessary, but poses a safety threat to your employees. Improper setup and usage of saws can result in the loss of body parts and even death of an employee. However, properly installing your saw and following the saw safety rules mentioned below will not only protect your employees, but make your saw safe for everyone around.

Setup Saw Safety Rules:

The following saw safety rules should be followed when installing and setting up your industrial saw for the first time:

  • Train employees on the proper use of operating any machine
  • Securely anchor machine to prevent tipping or other movement that could result in injury
  • Emergency power shut-off switch must be within reach of operator’s position
  • Foot-operated switches must be guarded or arranged to prevent accidental contact
  • Manually operated switches controlling the operation of machines must be clearly identified

Usage Saw Safety Rules:

The following saw safety rules should be followed by anyone operating the saw:

  • Read machine manual if using for the first time
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry around equipment
  • Keep long hair contained
  • Use the pusher plate when feeding meat into the saw blade
  • Keep your eyes on the meat while you are cutting it
  • Make sure to turn off the safe after using it
  • Wear eye protection
  • Follow all lockout / tagout procedures
  • Ensure guards are in place before using equipment
  • Keep guard in place when equipment is not in use
  • Do not clean the saw or try to clear food from the table unless it has come to a complete stop

Safety is important when it comes to operating power-driven equipment. Implementing the above saw safety rules will keep your employees safe around your equipment and prevent any serious injury.

Safety Comes First

Here at Fusion Tech, we custom design our saws with a number of safety options to keep your employees from seriously, and possibly deadly, injury. Safety comes first – not only in your plant, but in the equipment we design.