ERG-200 Ergonomic Stand

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ERG-200 Ergonomic Stand

  • ERG-200 ergonomic stand

The Fusion Tech ERG-200 Ergonomic Stand is a great choice for positioning your employees at the correct height to perform their work without risk of injury.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with a Chem-Grate platform, this ergonomic stand weighs 74 pounds and is easy to use. It adjusts 12″ with a platform height range of 6.25″ to 18.25″.

The ERG-200 is OSHA compliant and meets all sanitary design requirements for use in a food or beverage processing plant, and is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

Download the Fusion Protect catalog to learn more about our ERG-200 Ergonomic Stand.

Ergo Stand Details

Model #FootprintPlatformRangeSafetyStyle
ERG-20023.36″w x 25.86″d x 25.86″h23″w x 20.48″d6.25″ – 18.25″Chem-GrateFloor

Fusion Tech designed an impressive adjustable floor stand that met our needs for durability, sanitation, and a cleanable non-slip surface. These stands have endured a 2 shift operation since 2008 and are still in great condition.