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Why You Should Buy Equipment from Food Scientists

Purchasing equipment for your food processing facility is an investment — one you hope is being made with a level of expertise and insight into your challenges and needs.

You need this equipment to solve a specific problem, produce a specific outcome, and integrate seamlessly into your operations.

Talk to most food processing equipment manufacturers and you’ll be directed to a salesperson. Someone who likely knows the equipment they’re selling (though that’s not always the case), but often doesn’t have the hands-on experience needed to know if this piece of equipment is right for you.

Buying equipment from people with real-world industry expertise in food science provides several benefits.

Let’s dive in.

Benefits of Meat Science Expertise

When it comes to purchasing equipment for your food processing facility, it’s important to consider the expertise and knowledge of the supplier.

Extensive Education

Food scientists are required to undergo extensive training in the chemistry, microbiology, food engineering, and nutrition required to adequately control, preserve, and enhance the flavor, color, texture, nutritional value, and food safety.

They understand what happens to meat at a molecular level and what steps are required to get the desired results.

Working with a food scientist will ensure you get the right solution for your product.

Understanding the Complexities of Food Processing

Food scientists also have a depth of knowledge of the complexities and nuances of food processing.

Take purchasing an industrial smokehouse as an example.

A salesperson is likely to try to sell you on what they have to offer, which may or may not be the correct solution for the product being produced. Additionally, most salespersons work on a commission basis so any sale is better than no sale.

Our food scientists, on the other hand, are going to walk you through issues you likely haven’t considered but are essential in choosing the right size and style of a smokehouse, such as:

  • Breakpoint and airflow
  • Product conditioning
  • Product cadence
  • Oven utilization

The average salesperson may not understand the nuances that produce better yields and consistency in thermal processing as well as a food scientist does.

That’s just one example, but the same applies to any processing operation, be it cooking, cutting, portioning, moving, tumbling or injecting, or your specific need.

There are complexities and nuances to consider based on your product cadence, recipes, the environment of your facility, processing time…the list goes on and on.

Working with our food scientists will help you think through those nuances and point you in the direction that will work best for your operation.

In-Field Experience

Our Food scientists have experience working in food processing plants around the world — either during or after obtaining their degrees.

This in-field experience is invaluable.

Our food scientists understand not only the science behind meat and non-meat products but also the best practices used in the field to produce the results you wish to achieve.

This gives our food scientists a holistic understanding of what is ideal and what is realistic when it comes to budgets, labor, and keeping costs low.

They also know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

Plant operations, research and development, quality assurance, HACCP certifications, labor fluctuations, and shortages…food scientists who have worked in operations management understand the pressures and responsibilities of producing food in a food processing plant.

Ease of Mind

When buying equipment from Fusion Tech Integrated, you can rest assured that you are getting the right equipment for your specific needs.

We understand the complexities and nuances involved in food processing, we’ve had experience working in food processing facilities, and we know the science behind creating better meat and food products.

Our food scientists will take all of these into consideration when helping provide a solution for your processing challenges.

It also helps that we don’t work on commission, either.

Our Commitment to Expertise

This is why Fusion Tech has made the commitment to only hire salespeople with food science expertise — to provide our clients with more than just a nice sales experience.

They are getting years’ worth of processing and food science experience to solve our customers’ specific processing challenges.

Just look at the numbers.

Our sales team members have:

  • Master’s Degree in Meat Science
  • 40+ years combined experience working in the industry — plant operations, R&D, QA, HACCP
  • Experience in process and product evaluation as well as problem-solving
  • 40+ years combined experience selling and purchasing equipment, including capital project management, budgeting, lead time, delivery, and installation
  • Passion for agriculture and the food industry — many with their own separate businesses in the food and agricultural industry
  • Ability to connect you with industry partnerships — contacts and friends from other OEMs
  • Experience integrating multiple OEM equipment suppliers into your total operational flow

Combine that with our company expertise in engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installing solutions for food processing companies big and small. You’ll know you aren’t just buying from an equipment manufacturer; you’re partnering with our industry experts who can help you solve your food processing challenges in the most complete and budget-conscience way possible.

Meet Our Food Scientists

Our sales team is comprised of meat scientists and food processing experts, including:

Ben Peterson – Fusion Tech Innovation Center Manager & Food Scientist
Ben has 10+ years of experience in management, academics, and research at the University of Illinois. As well as being a classically trained Meat Scientist (Master’s Degree), Ben has been able to manage all aspects of a small processing facility from slaughter operations to carcass fabrication to further processing and finally working with consumers. As Manager of the Fusion Tech Innovation Center, Ben has grown his role with customer equipment testing and sales.


Brian Owen – Corporate Sales Manager & Food Scientist
Brian has 30+ years of experience in all aspects of the food and meat industry. After completing his academic career which includes a Master’s Degree in Meat Science and Muscle Biology, Brian began his career as a Food Scientist in R&D. Moving from R&D into plant operations he held roles in QA, operations, and management of beef slaughter and fabrication operations. Brian has spent the past 20 years in equipment sales and process consulting across the U.S.


Nick Brown – Smokehouse Technology Manager & Food Scientist
Nick is a classically trained meat scientist who holds a Master’s Degree in Meat Science from the University of Nebraska. Nick specializes in thermal processing, product development, and process improvement. Working with some of the leading industry experts in dry sausage production, Nick brings 15+ years of industry experience to the table. Nick has held positions in R&D, plant operations management, and process improvement for some of the largest meat processors. This experience has been valuable to customers by helping them develop solutions to many issues. His approach with customers is always “Science First” before “Sales.”

Jason Jordan – Marination Technology Manager & Food Scientist
Jason is recognized as an industry expert in the field of protein marination and marination technology. His real-world approach to the topic is based on his academic and industry experiences as a classically trained meat scientist, with 15+ years of experience in R&D and new product development, plant operations management, and as a Process Consultant for food purveyors in nearly 30 countries throughout the world.

Put Our Experts to Use

Want to put our meat science, food processing, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to use to solve your food processing challenges?

There are a few ways to work with us:

  • Attend a Short Course — learn the fundamentals of marination and thermal processing with hands-on instruction in a small food processing facility.
  • Rent our Innovation Center — R&D, testing, training, or trying equipment before you buy it is all possible in our Innovation Center.
  • Consultation — Set up a time to consult with our meat scientists on your specific issue. Past consultations include oven mapping, equipment or process evaluations, and more.
  • Equipment — talk to our specialists about getting the right equipment for your operation.