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Food Packaging Shelf Life

Food packaging has a number of uses – from guarding against contamination to sealing in freshness and increasing the shelf life of many food products. The shelf life of any given product ranges from several days to indefinitely, depending on the type of food and type of packaging used. It may not always be easy to determine the shelf life of a food product just by looking at its packaging, so we’ve put together a table explaining the different types of food packaging and their expected shelf lives.

Type of PackagingFood UseExpected Shelf Life
Commercial CanningMultiple uses – meat, vegetables, fruit, and moreYears – can often be safe even if product is past the expiration date on the can.
Glass JarsMultiple uses – product that may only have a portion used at a time.Months and/or Years
Plastic ContainersPantry items, dairy, juices Typically items needing guarding against moistureWeeks to Months, depending on the product
Plastic BagsProducts requiring Modified Atmosphere Packaging (think salad green) Meats Certain types of beans and riceWeeks to Months, depending on the product
PouchesMultiple uses – especially for food on the goWeeks to Months, depending on the product

As you can see, various types of packaging and the product packaged within greatly affects the estimated shelf life of the product.

The Right Packaging Material

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Photo credit: greenkozi via photopin cc