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Product Packaging Catalog

Download our catalog to see our wide range of custom
designed packaging and metal detection equipment.

fusion package catalog

Discover the Benefits of Custom Designed Packaging Equipment

Packaging is an important process in any food processing facility.

The ability to package your product in a safe, efficient, and sanitary way improves operating times, increases output, and often can result in decreased labor costs.

If you want to increase output while decreasing operating expenses in your food or beverage processing facility, integrating custom packaging solutions is the place to start.

Fusion Tech custom designs and manufactures a wide range of packaging equipment for food processing and packaging facilities. Our team of professional project managers and engineers will work with you to design a system that will optimize your operation and reduce expenses.

Optimize Your Packaging Operation

Download our Fusion Package Catalog to see:

  • Available options and styles of product scales and accessories
  • Custom conveyors designed for bagging and boxing
  • Our specialized bag flattening conveyor
  • Bagging horns, stations, and our pneumatic actuated bagger
  • Available bagging and boxing tables
  • Custom empty box delivery systems
  • Accessories designed to optimize your packaging operation
  • Available options and styles of metal detection conveyors
  • And much more!