6 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Designed Conveyor

Do a quick Google search for food conveyor, and you’ll find thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of results – most of which are stock conveyors. The manufacturer has specific sizes, options, and styles of conveyors they build, and spend big bucks convincing you to buy what they have in stock.

It’s a great business model for them. Not so much for you.

They have a few styles of conveyors they pump out in mass, only have to train their employees to build a few versions, offer select few options, and try to convince you to buy them, whether it fits your specific application or not.

There is a better way.

Custom designed conveyor systems are all about you and your specific application needs. You can get exactly what you need, designed to meet your specific goals, and not have to work around stock equipment that doesn’t quite fit.

Here are 6 reasons why purchasing custom designed conveyor systems are the better choice:

1.) Increased Product Yield

Custom designed conveyor systems are just that – custom designed. That means the conveyor system can be designed to meet your specific goals, especially if that goal is to increase product yield. A professional design and engineering team will take your plant layout, and design a system that cuts processing time and increases product yield to meet your desired goals.

2.) Decreased Operating Costs

If a custom designed conveyor system can help increase product yield, the reverse is also true. It can help decrease operating costs. Integrating automated sorting, diverting, aligning, weighing, and other systems into the conveyor can eliminate costs and streamline your process. Decreased costs, combined with increased product yield equals more profit for you!

3.) Fits Your Processing Line

The beauty of a custom designed conveyor system is that it fits perfectly in your processing line operation. Stock conveyors often require added extras to fit, or never truly fit correctly. Going custom means the system is designed to fit specifically into your operation – and transition perfectly between equipment.

4.) Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomic solutions are a must when it comes to increasing safety in your plant, and a custom conveyor system is designed to be ergonomically sound. A custom manufacturer will take ergonomic practices and solutions into account and add them right into your conveyor system. Attached ergonomic stands, appropriate conveyor width to prevent over reaching, diverter bars to bring product closer to employees and more can be factored into the design right where you need it.

5.) Expert Advice

When you purchase a conveyor system from a custom equipment manufacturer, you’re not only getting what you want and need, you get years of design advice on your side. The manufacturer can advise you on options, styles, automated solutions, and other factors you might not have considered, but will add benefit to your equipment.

It means you don’t have to know everything or have all the right answers as to what will work best for your operation. A manufacturer of custom conveyor systems can take your goals and needs, and design a system that incorporates everything needed to get you to those goals.

6.) Get Exactly What You Need

Ultimately, purchasing a custom designed conveyor system is all about getting exactly what you need to meet your goals and fit in your specific application. No more trying to integrate a stock conveyor into your operation that doesn’t quite fit. A custom conveyor system will fit perfectly and integrate correctly with your current equipment and systems.

See the Benefits for Yourself

As a manufacturer of custom solutions for the food processing and packaging industry, Fusion Tech can provide you with a custom designed conveyor system that fits your specific application and meets your needs and goals. All of our conveyors are custom designed for our clients, giving you the benefits listed above, and ensuring that you will get exactly what you need.

You can learn more about our custom designed conveyors and see how they will benefit your operation by downloading our Fusion Move catalog today.