Box Tippers


Safe, Robust & Sanitary

Box Tippers

Fusion Tech box tippers are custom designed to tip boxes for easy and ergonomically safe access to boxed product. These box tippers are the perfect solution to keep your employees safe while performing repetitive tasks.

Available in a wide range of lengths, configurations, sizes, and shapes, our box tippers are durable enough to meet the most demanding environments and come with all the safety features you need.

Each box tipper is custom made to your requirements and specifications and meet all Sanitary Equipment Design principles, so they are safe to use in food processing plants.

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Standard Sizes

Model #FootprintDischarge Height (DH)
JPC632148.25″w x 48.25″l60″

Box tippers can be custom designed to meet the footprint, discharge height, overall height, and box angle you need.


Fusion Tech Box Tippers come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Box Tipper

Hold Down Rods

Holds box in place during the tipping process.


Tipping Handle

Round handle allows easy tipping of box.


Box Tray

Stainless box tray holds up to 25″ wide by 17″ deep box.