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2 Small Conveyors that Fit Perfectly in Tight Spaces

When you have a small processing space, finding equipment that can fit and still do what you need done while adhering to safety regulations can be a challenge.

Low ceilings can prevent you from using crossovers for employee movement. Small rooms can limit the amount of conveying space you can utilize. Tight corners can make it difficult to fit a typical radius conveyor that can integrate with your equipment.

If you want to use the space and don’t have the money for a costly expansion, there isn’t much you can do. Until now.

Two Small Conveyors You Need

If you’re stuck with a small space and need to utilize it to its fullest potential, consider investing in these two small conveyors designed to make the most of your small processing space.

Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor

zero tangent radius conveyorThe Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor is the latest in curved conveyance. Utilizing Intralox Series 2100 Zero TangentTM Radius Flat Top belting, this conveyor provides a constant inner radius no matter the belt width and eliminates the need for straight belt before and after the curve — making it the perfect solution solution from curved conveyance in a small space.

We designed this small conveyor in such a way as to reduce maintenance and costs, while eliminating belt mistracking. The flat top construction of the belt eliminates catch points in the conveyor, improves safety, and manages difficult to handle packages, heavier loads, and higher speeds.

When you need curved conveyance in a tight space, the Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor is the perfect solution. Learn more and see the Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor in action.

Pivoting Conveyor

A-08147 Pivoting Conveyor_upThe Fusion Tech Pivoting Conveyor was designed to provide an egress for employee movement throughout your facility and eliminate the need for crossovers and overhead catwalks. The end of this small conveyor pivots up and locks into place, allowing your employees to easily move to a new work station. The best part: the belt continues to move even when the conveyor is locked in the pivoted position — saving you time and money when providing an egress for employee movement.

When you need to provide a way for employees to move to work stations but don’t have the room for a crossover, the Pivoting Conveyor is the perfect solution. Learn more and see the Pivoting Conveyor in action.

Innovating Small Spaces

A small facility or small processing room poses a lot of challenges when it comes to equipment design and layout. Finding stock equipment that will work is near impossible. The team here at Fusion Tech are experts at designing and laying out an innovative processing line that will do what you need done in the space provided. Our Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor and Pivoting Conveyor are just two examples of how we have solved the issue of small spaces for our clients.