Yamato Scale System

Project Overview

Project Details


Golden Crisp Premium, a provider of bacon products, came to us needing a new process to load and transfer product into and from a Yamato scale.

The project required integrating a recently purchased Yamato scale into their current operation, as well developing a system for easy cleaning of the scale buckets.

Upon meeting with the client and visiting the plant, the Fusion Tech team designed and fabricated a system complete with a manual pack kick-off to maintain product yield goals.


This project included:

  • Model entire system
  • Yamato Scale Platform
  • Conveyor extensions
  • Reversing feed conveyor
  • Wash cabinets to hang scale buckets
  • Utilities

Golden Crisp Premium saw a marked increase in product yields, as well as a decrease in operating expenses and the time it took to clean and sanitize the Yamato scale buckets.

  • Increased Product Yields
  • Decreased Operating Expenses
  • Improvement Sanitation Process
Notable Solutions
  • Controls & Automation
  • System Integration
  • Custom Equipment

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