stainless steel vats

Buying Custom Stainless Steel Vats

Stainless steel vats are a necessity in just about every food processing operation, providing storage, handling, and transportation of food product. They are an economical way to store small quantities of product and provide easy transportation with forklifts and hoists. This high level of need in the food processing industry means one thing: there are a lot of choices to consider.

Do a quick Google search for stainless steel vats, and you’ll find countless varieties, styles, and options available – everything from drains, brackets, and wheels to levels, sizes, and shapes. There are even more options when you go the custom-designed route.

With all these options, how do you choose the right vat for your manufacturing process? Consider the following standard variations to customize your vat:

Stainless Steel Grades
The grade of stainless steel used in the creation of your vat matters. Certain grades are better for certain uses, such as extra corrosion-resistance, extra strength, or extra flexibility. Consider what kind of product you will place in the vats and find a stainless steel grade that provides what you need.

Adding brackets to your vat will help secure it to any desired location, such as the floor or wall. Brackets can also be designed to work with forklifts, hoists, and other mobile platforms or vehicles to provide easy transportation. Consider how you will transport and store vats in your plant.

Wheels can be added to the bottom of your vat for easy transportation from one workstation to another. Consider how your employees will move vats from one station to another.

Fitting options allow you to attach a vat to a variety of other equipment or machines for ease of processing, including pipes, valves, conveyors, and more. Consider how you will incorporate vats into the flow of your manufacturing process, and if you need them to attach to other equipment.

Input and Output Pipes
Many vats come with pipes leading in and out for easy movement of the product from one machine to another. Output pipes also come in handy for easy drainage of the product. Consider how you will fill and empty the vats in your manufacturing process.

Including a cover for your vat helps protect against product contamination and spillage, especially during transportation. Consider how frequently you will move and store product in a vat to determine if a cover is necessary.

Customization Comes Standard

When it comes time to purchase stainless steel vats for your manufacturing process, consider the custom route. Not only will your new vat meet all your needs, but it will also fit perfectly into your processing flow. Size, shape, grade, fittings all designed to work seamlessly with your current equipment. Who wouldn’t want that?

Fusion Tech has over ten years experience designing and crafting custom stainless steel vats for the food processing industry. Our team will meet with you to determine your needs, and provide you a custom vat that was built specifically to fit in your operation. Why settle for stock when customization comes standard?