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Metal Detection Conveyors

Fusion Tech metal detection conveyors are designed to provide flexible inspection solutions to suit a wide range of light to heavy-duty food applications.

We work with leading metal detection companies to provide you with sanitary conveyors for transfers in, through, and out of metal detectors. Our solutions can also be applied for metal free zones, rejection systems, lockable reject bins, and more.

All of our metal detection conveyors are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application and integrate into your current product flow. These range from simple stop-on-detection system through to fully automated detect-and-reject systems.

Each metal detection conveyor meets all Sanitary Equipment Design principles.

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Standard Sizes

Model #FootprintInfeed HeightDischarge HeightBelt WidthDetector
A-0374737.58″w x 148″l x 55″h8.07″52.07″16.25″Loma IQ3
A-0761541.04″w x 130.90″l x 104.88″h70.07″96.57″14.50″Mettler Toledo
A-0202844.72″w x 204.42″l x 108.17″h34.24″99.95″24″Mettler Toledo

Metal detector conveyors can be custom designed to meet the footprint, infeed and discharge heights, overall heights, and options you need.


Fusion Tech Metal Detector Conveyors come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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A-07615 Metal Detector Conveyor2

Metal Detector

Your choice of metal detector, or let us recommend one to meet the needs of your specific application.


Conveyor Sides

Easy to remove conveyor sides keep product on conveyor.


Drip Pan

Catches left over product that might be stuck on belt.


Open Framework

Reduces bacteria harboring points and makes conveyor easy to clean.


Metal Free Zone

Prevents metal detector from triggering due to metal frame.