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Pivoting Augers

  • A-08494 pivoting augers

Fusion Tech Pivoting Auger Conveyors are unique and robust material handling solutions designed to feed multiple machines from a single auger.

Set the start and stop locations on the control panel, and this auger will automatically pivot between machines to keep each one operating at full capacity.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with fully seal welded seams, these pivoting auger conveyors exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for use in food processing facilities and are durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

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Food Safe

Our auger conveyors exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements, making them safe to use in food processing facilities.

Robust Build

Our auger conveyors are designed from heavy duty components to withstand the most demanding environments.

Custom Designed

Auger conveyors are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

Standard Sizes

Model #StyleFootprintIncline AngleInfeed HeightDischarge Height
A-08494Pivoting127″w x 290.73″l x 121.07″h­20°­43.78″­92.06″

Auger conveyors can be custom designed to meet the footprint, discharge height, overall height, and incline angle you need.


Fusion Tech Pivoting Augers come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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pivoting augers

Discharge Chute

Provides more control over placement of product as it exits the auger.


Pivot Wheels

Auger automatically pivots between stations on wheels. Start and stop locations are set on the control panel.


Hinged Guards

Easily open auger guarding for maintenance and cleaning.


Pivoting Frame

Auger pivots back and forth on framework designed to allow filling of multiple stations.