Pork Belly Processing Line

Project Overview

  • Food Industry: Pork
  • Client: John Morrell
  • Project: Pork Belly Processing Line

Project Details


John Morrell, a manufacturer of packaged meats, came to us needing a new process to consistently flatten, scan and weigh, waterjet cut, and sort pork bellies.

The pork belly processing line needed to be secured and designed around a third party detection system that John Morrell had already purchased.

Upon meeting with the client and visiting the plant, our team designed, fabricated, and installed a complete system to press, skin, cut and sort the pork bellies.

We also performed a Factory Acceptance Test of the system at our facility with representatives from John Morrell and the third party detection system company.


This project included:

  • Model entire floor of plant
  • Partnership and Integration with other OEM equipment
  • Belly roller press conveyor
  • Belly flattener conveyor
  • Belly skin conveyor
  • Belly sortation line
  • Skin patch conveyor
  • Chutes and hoppers
  • Vat dumper
  • Tables
  • Whizard knife mounts
  • Ergonomic stands
  • Crossovers and stairs
  • Mechanical utilities
  • Factory Acceptant Test

John Morrell was impressed with the service and quality of equipment Fusion Tech provided in this project.

  • Increased Product Output
  • Decreased Processing Time
  • Decreased Operating Expenses
Notable Solutions
  • Controls & Automation
  • HMI
  • Product Recipes
  • X-Ray
  • General Contracting
  • Utilities
  • Electrical
  • Project Management

Download our Project Scopes & Case Studies packet to learn more about this project.