5 Reasons Turnkey Manufacturing Benefits Your Project

Turnkey manufacturing is the smart choice for food processing expansions and equipment procurement projects.

Rather than doing everything in-house — design, layouts, manufacturing, installation, training, support — and somehow paying the staff to get it all done, many food processors are choosing to outsource part or all of the project to professional design and manufacturing companies.

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agricultural equipment

5 Benefits of Aesthetic Agricultural Equipment

When it comes to agricultural equipment, better looking doesn’t always mean better quality. You can have a piece of equipment that looks shiny and new, but breaks under regular use, as well as equipment that doesn’t look so pretty, but lasts for years.

Customers aren’t buying your equipment solely for its looks. They want equipment that lasts — equipment that can withstand the beating it will receive on a daily basis and keep running. Durability and reliability wins out over looks.

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agricultural equipment design

7 Reasons Ag Equipment Design Matters

When it comes to taking your agricultural equipment manufacturing business to the next level of customer demand, we can sum up our advice in two words: Design Matters.

Your ag equipment design — and all of the component parts that go into that equipment — is crucial to reducing manufacturing overhead and assembly time, and increasing your ability to keep up with demand.

The right ag equipment design can improve your equipment, manufacturing process, and your reputation in the eyes of potential clients. The wrong ag equipment design, though, can do just the opposite — cause your equipment to break down, increase your manufacturing time, and ruin your reputation.

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design services

Top 4 Reasons to See our Design Services at Process Expo

There are a number of reasons why you will want to stop by the Fusion Tech booth (#1412) while at Process Expo — everything from meeting us face-to-face and interacting with our custom designed equipment to picking up our newly released catalogs and some cool freebies we’ll be giving away. You definitely won’t want to miss our booth.

But there’s another reason to add Fusion Tech to the list of booths you want to visit: our design and 3D modeling services.

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3d models

4 Ways 3D Models Benefit Your Expansion Project

Expanding your food processing plant requires an incredible amount of planning — not just in constructing the new section of your plant, but also in planning where each piece of equipment for your new line will go.  One miscalculation, one misplaced outlet box, and you could end up overspending your budget trying to get everything to fit correctly.

So how do you avoid those miscalculations? How do you “see” all your new equipment placed within your plant before it’s even built? How do you guarantee that all your utilities will be placed in the right place for your equipment?

That’s where 3D modeling comes in.

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5 Benefits of an In-house Design Team

When it comes to developing custom food processing equipment, accessory items, processing line and factory layouts, few manufacturers are equipped to take on the full challenge like Fusion Tech. There’s one key aspect about our company that sets us apart – we have a fully staffed design and drafting team.

Most manufacturers of food processing equipment have the fabrication side down, but lack greatly when it comes to on-staff designers, drafters, and 3D modelers. Fusion Tech is different. We have eight full time staff members dedicated to design and drafting, and that team is continuing to grow. (Are you a SolidWorks designer? We’re hiring!)

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agricultural equipment design

3 Tips to Improving Agricultural Equipment Design

When it comes to manufacturing your innovative and new agricultural equipment, the better your design, the better your product.

Perfecting the design of your component parts, and equipment overall, is essential to the reputation and success of your business. A flawed design not only costs you time and money in the manufacturing and assembly of your equipment, it also can lead to increased breakdowns and decrease the durability and longevity of your equipment.

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reverse engineering

Benefits of Reverse Engineering

When it comes to improving the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural equipment, look no further than the expert design team at Fusion Tech. Our design team is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated software and training to provide you with high quality reverse engineering services.
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