slips and falls report

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Slips and Falls in Your Plant

Musculoskeletal disorders brought on by poor ergonomics are not the only category of employee injuries that cost time and money. A number of injuries in food processing plants can occur due to slips and falls brought on by wet or slick surfaces.

The floor of a food processing facility is typically exposed to all sorts of food byproducts, including fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions, and natural food acids. While these substances can themselves injure employees, they also increase the risk of accidents associated with wet or slick flooring and stairs. Failure to adequately clean up slicks and spills can result in immediate, serious injury.

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staircase safety

How to Improve Staircase Safety

Staircases pose a serious safety risk to workers throughout the country.

OSHA estimates that there are roughly 24,882 injuries and as many as 36 fatalities per year due to falls from staircases and ladders. Nearly half of these injuries are serious enough to require time off the job — 11,570 lost workday injuries are reported annually.1

The high number of workplace injuries surrounding staircases should capture the attention of facility and safety managers in every food processing plant. Something as simple as workers walking up and down stairs can cost companies thousands in employee injury payouts. Read more