ISU cured meat short course

Fusion Tech Completes ISU Cured Meat Short Course

Three members of the Fusion Tech team — Brandon Bentz, Nick LaFauce, and Evan Greka — recently attended and successfully completed the Cured Meat Short Course offered at Iowa State University.

Held January 17-19, 2017 at the ISU Meat Laboratory, the Cured Meat Short Course offers topics ranging from lectures on basic meat science to demonstrations of processing techniques. Speakers, nationally and internationally recognized authorities in their fields, will provide information about the latest technology available.

Topics covered during the short course include:

  • Basic meat science
  • Non-meat ingredients
  • Liquid smoke application
  • End point temperature evaluation
  • Bacon manufacturing
  • Casings and molds
  • Ham manufacturing
  • Hydrocolloids in cured meats
  • Injection systems
  • Meat irradiation
  • Microbiology of cured meat
  • Thermal processing
  • Use of nettings


Fusion Tech places a high value on providing our customers with top-notch, knowledgeable service and support. Attending short courses on meat processing, like this one, is just one way we stay on top of new trends in the industry and allows us to provide innovative new equipment to cut operating costs and increase product yields for our customers.

Our project managers not only know their equipment, they know the best practices for processing a variety of meat products. It’s just one more trait that sets Fusion Tech apart from other equipment manufacturers.

You can learn more why Fusion Tech is the smart choice for your processing needs on the Our Company page, view our wide range of equipment and products on our Products page, and see the Design and 3D modeling services we offer on our Design page.