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2 Interesting Manufacturing Infographics

Friday is National Manufacturing (MFG) Day — a day devoted to giving manufacturers an opportunity to show the country what manufacturing is all about, and address some of the misperceptions about the manufacturing field.

Below you will find 2 interesting manufacturing infographics that give you a glimpse into manufacturing in America (no, everything isn’t made China), and how the manufacturing industry impacts the American economy.

Manufacturing in America

Check out the “Manufacturing in America” infographic below to learn more about the facts of manufacturing.

Making it in America

Making it in America showcases the opportunities manufacturing offers millions of workers and the variety of career pathways available. Making It In America Infographic by NIST MEP

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The above manufacturing infographics show why Fusion Tech is proud to be part of the manufacturing industry here in America, providing employment for over 100 people and assisting companies in the food processing, agriculture, transportation, and renewable fuels industries by fabricating equipment and parts they need to be successful.