meat slicing machine better than commercial slicer

4 Reasons Meat Slicing Machines are Better than Commercial Slicers

The popularity of sliced meat has brought with it a number of devices to help make slicing easier — the most common being commercial, table top slicers.

For years, these devices have been the tool of choice for restaurants, food vendors, schools, and some meat processing plants looking to provide sliced meat options to their customers. They are relatively cheap, easy to use, and give you the sliced meat you’re looking for.

But are these devices the best option for getting perfect slice thickness?

Enter the Industrial Meat Slicing Machine

Small table top slicers are great, but they have significant limitations, especially if you’re looking to slice large quantities of meat to keep up with demand.

That’s where an industrial meat slicing machine comes in.

Able to slice a variety of meat quickly and easily, while also producing consistently thick slices almost instantly is possible with an industrial meat slicing machine. Not only are they able to produce more sliced meat than a commercial version, but they also reduce the amount of forceful exertion injury risk to your employees.

Investing in an industrial meat slicing machine with these 6 must-have options is a necessity for increasing sliced meat yield, reducing costs, and keeping your employees safe.

Ditch the Commercial Slicer for a Meat Slicing Machine

Need some more reasons to ditch the commercial slicer and invest in a meat slicing machine? Consider these 4 reasons that will take your sliced meat business to the next level:

Slice More Meat

A commercial, table-top meat slicer is great if you’re looking to slice a small amount of meat, but when it comes to the larger quantities needed for restaurants, food vendors, schools, and meat processing plants, a commercial slicer just can’t hold up.

Depending on the make and model of meat slicing machine you purchase, you’ll be able to slice up to 10,000 pounds of meat every hour. Don’t need that much sliced meat? There are a number of machines with a lower quantity to fit your needs. Try producing that much slice meat each hour with a typical table top slicer — it’s just not possible.

Slice Meat Faster

Not only do meat slicing machines produce more sliced meat, they can also produce it faster.

Commercial meat slicers are only able to slice meat as fast as the person using them. You have to load the meat, set the holding bar, turn the machine on, and stand there moving the meat back and forth over the slicing blade. You are limited in producing larger quantities of sliced meat with commercial slicers simply because of the human factor.

Slice the same meat using a meat slicing machine and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the time it takes to slice your product. Some machines on the market are able to slice meat in a minute or less, and give you perfectly consistent slices each time.

More Product Means More Sales

The more meat you are able to slice in less time, the more you have available to sell. It’s Economics 101.

Commercial meat slicers limit the amount of meat you can slice and, when you run out, it can take quite a bit of time to slice more meat — leaving your customers waiting extended periods of time to get their order. If you’ve ever been to the deli section of your local grocery store, you know the pain of waiting while more meat is sliced.

A meat slicing machine allows you to produce more sliced meat quickly, giving you more product to sell and limiting the amount of time your customers have to wait for their order. You make more money and look like a hero in the process.

Less Risk of Injury

Commercial meat slicers rely on an employee’s ability to constantly push and pull on the meat slicer, using a jerking motion that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders over time. Not to mention one slip could result in a missing finger.

Meat slicing machines, especially those with advanced safety features, are much safer for your employees. Some models even come with revolving loaders that keep your employee’s hands away from anything that might cause them harm. They simply load the meat onto the loader and empty the pan on the bottom or onto a conveyor with the sliced meat.

No contact with blades, pinch points, or anything else that might cause injury.

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