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1 Affordable Way You Can Decrease Smokehouse Cook Time

Time is money. That statement is especially true when it comes to the amount of time your product spends cooking in your smokehouse.

The longer your smokehouse cook time, the higher your energy and operating expenses will be. Not to mention, when your processing operation revolves around product cooking in your smokehouse, everything else gets affected – cooling, further processing, packaging, and shipping. Saving even 45 minutes of cook time would yield immense benefits to your whole operation.

What causes slow cook time?

There are a number of factors that can negatively affect your smokehouse cook time, slowing down your entire operation and costing you money. Here are just a few:

  • Poor or worn out insulation in smokehouse walls. Let’s face it, if the insulation in your smokehouse isn’t doing its job, you are wasting time and energy in escaping heat.
  • Doors do not seal tightly. The seal and fit of your smokehouse doors can be a huge cause of escaping heat. Escaped heat = longer cook time. Upgrading the doors to your smokehouse can quickly decrease your smokehouse cook time.
  • Ceiling and wall skins are showing wear. Much like worn out insulation, if the ceiling and wall skins in your smokehouse are damaged or not welded together correctly, heat could be dissipating, which in turn makes it take longer to cook your product.
  • Supply and return ducts are worn. The supply and return ducts of your smokehouse help regulate the flow of heat into and out of your smokehouse. If they are worn or cracked or damaged, your smokehouse may not be getting the appropriate amount of heat.

While not directly related to cook-time, the amount of time it takes to load product into your smokehouse can also affect the timing of your whole operation. When racks, carts, trees, and trays are outdated or don’t function as they should, time is wasted. A highly functioning and efficient smokehouse requires top notch smokehouse accessories that fit well and optimize cooking space.

Decrease cook time with a smokehouse rebuild

With all the factors that contribute to a slow cook-time, the best option for decreasing cook time and saving money is to invest in a smokehouse rebuild. The Fusion Tech smokehouse rebuild service was designed for that purpose – to increase the efficiency of your smokehouse, while decreasing the cook time and cost of operation.

Many of our smokehouse rebuild clients report a 45 minute drop in product cook-time and an overall increase in efficiency of their cooking operation.

Forty-five minutes is a significant decrease in smokehouse cook time, and over the course of a year can save you thousands in operating expenses. Just a quick glance of what’s included in a smokehouse rebuild and you will see we cover all the causes of a slow cook time:

  • 3D modeling of your rebuilt smokehouse – so you can see how it will look and function before we even begin
  • Demo of the supply and return ducts
  • Removal of the ceiling and wall skins
  • Rebuilding the internal structure of your smokehouse
  • Insulating with rock wool insulation – to eliminate heat from escaping
  • Replace ceiling and wall skins with high-grade stainless steel
  • Passivate the welds
  • Install new supply and return ducts
  • Mount the CIP system and cold wash
  • Mount the sychrometer pan
  • Reattach existing wet bulb and dry bulb
  • Install cart rub rails to protect your new wall skins from scuffs
  • Assist your maintenance team in adjusting the break point

For an additional cost, we can also:

  • Install new stainless steel floor and drains
  • Rebuild the machine house
  • Design and fabricate custom smokehouse accessories, such as trucks, racks, hangers, carts, and more

Invest in Your Smokehouse

If your smokehouse is running less than optimal, it might be time to make an investment in your smokehouse and have our experts rebuild it. Our smokehouse experts are available to meet with you to discuss the process, what’s involved, and the benefits of a rebuild. Click the button below to schedule a time to chat with one of our experts.

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