reduce smokehouse cook time

1 Affordable Way You Can Decrease Smokehouse Cook Time

Time is money. That statement is especially true when it comes to the amount of time your product spends cooking in your smokehouse.

The longer your smokehouse cook time, the higher your energy and operating expenses will be. Not to mention, when your processing operation revolves around product cooking in your smokehouse, everything else gets affected – cooling, further processing, packaging, and shipping. Saving even 45 minutes of cook time would yield immense benefits to your whole operation.

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9 Obvious Signs You Need to Rebuild Your Smokehouse

A smokehouse or dehydrator is the central component of any cooking operation. Everything else – from further processing to packaging – revolves around the time your product spends in the smokehouse. There isn’t much you can do until your product is fully cooked.

Cooking your product to get the right flavor, consistency, and temperature takes time – and if your smokehouse isn’t functioning at high efficiency, it could be taking more time than necessary. The longer it takes, the more money it’s costing you. As the old adage states, time is money.

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rockwool insulation image

9 Benefits of RockWool Insulation in Smokehouses

One of the biggest components of our smokehouse rebuild service is updating the insulation in your oven. Insulation has a big effect on the efficiency of your smokehouse. High quality insulation will help keep your smokehouse at the proper temperature for even cooking, giving you a quality finished product, while a low quality and cheaper insulation, or improperly installed insulation, will allow heat to dissipate, costing you energy and money.

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Save Money with a Smokehouse Rebuild

If your food processing operation includes a smokehouse, you likely know the frustration – and money dump – that comes when your smokehouse is functioning less than optimal. It costs you time, money, and productivity. Not to mention the waste of unevenly cooked product. And, up until now, the only option available to fix the situation was to purchase a whole new smokehouse.

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