9 Obvious Signs You Need to Rebuild Your Smokehouse

A smokehouse or dehydrator is the central component of any cooking operation. Everything else – from further processing to packaging – revolves around the time your product spends in the smokehouse. There isn’t much you can do until your product is fully cooked.

Cooking your product to get the right flavor, consistency, and temperature takes time – and if your smokehouse isn’t functioning at high efficiency, it could be taking more time than necessary. The longer it takes, the more money it’s costing you. As the old adage states, time is money.

It’s Time to Rebuild

As a central component of your processing operation, it’s essential that your smokehouse operates at optimal efficiency. Reducing cook time, heat dissipation, and energy consumption are essential to increasing the efficiency of your smokehouse.

If your smokehouse isn’t operating at high efficiency, it may just be time to rebuild it. A small investment into your smokehouse can produce an incredible return on investment.

Here are a few signs that it’s time to rebuild your smokehouse:

  • Cook time has increased
  • A marked increase in the energy consumption of your smokehouse
  • Product is coming out unevenly cooked
  • Heat is dissipating from the oven
  • Oven is taking longer to heat up or not maintaining heat levels
  • CIP System isn’t functioning correctly
  • Insulation is breaking down
  • Oven doors aren’t air tight
  • Rust or holes have developed in oven skins

Why Rebuild?

So, why should you rebuild your smokehouse as opposed to straight out replacing it? Simple.

Here are a few reasons you should rebuild as opposed to replace your smokehouse:

  • Most rebuilds are a fraction of the cost of a new smokehouse
  • You get similar, if not better, efficiency of a new smokehouse
  • Rebuilds take less time than demoing and installing a new smokehouse
  • You get a greater return on investment (less invested with the same level of return)
  • Only replace the components that need replacing
  • You get a 3D model of the smokehouse to see how it will fit and function in your plant

A smokehouse rebuild is less expensive, takes less time, and gives you a greater return on investment than purchasing a new smokehouse. It’s the smart choice for updating your smokehouse.

Go with the Experts

If you’re ready to rebuild your smokehouse, or just want more information on how it can benefit your operations, consider the experts at Fusion Tech. We are the leaders in rebuilding your inefficient and run down smokehouse. Our team will demo your current oven components and redesign it into a more efficient, quality smokehouse that meets your needs. Most clients have saved 45 minutes on their cook time after one of our rebuilds.

Simply click the image below to reserve a free consultation with one of our smokehouse rebuild experts to see how our service can benefit you!

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