Save Money with a Smokehouse Rebuild

If your food processing operation includes a smokehouse, you likely know the frustration – and money dump – that comes when your smokehouse is functioning less than optimal. It costs you time, money, and productivity. Not to mention the waste of unevenly cooked product. And, up until now, the only option available to fix the situation was to purchase a whole new smokehouse.

Rebuilding Your Smokehouse

That is, until now. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new smokehouse, and demolishing your current one, the Fusion Tech team can rebuild your smokehouse – turning your current oven into a more efficient, quality smokehouse.

A smokehouse rebuild includes:

  • 3D modeling of your rebuilt smokehouse – so you can see how it will look and function before we even begin
  • Demo of the supply and return ducts
  • Removal of the ceiling and wall skins
  • Rebuilding the internal structure of your smokehouse
  • Insulating with rock wool insulation – to eliminate heat from escaping
  • Replace ceiling and wall skins with high-grade stainless steel
  • Passivate the welds
  • Install new supply and return ducts
  • Mount the CIP system and cold wash
  • Mount the sychrometer pan
  • Reattach existing wet bulb and dry bulb
  • Install cart rub rails to protect your new wall skins from scuffs
  • Assist your maintenance team in adjusting the break point

For an additional cost, we can also:

  • Install new stainless steel floor and drains
  • Rebuild the machine house
  • Design and fabricate custom smokehouse accessories, such as trucks, racks, hangers, carts, and more

Saving You Time and Money

While the above list seems as if it would be an extremely long undertaking, a typical rebuild takes less time than purchasing and installing a new smokehouse. We base our rebuild around your schedule, minimizing downtime and getting you up and running again quickly, and come with everything ready for a seamless install.

And because we rebuild your current smokehouse, you save money! No need to demo the entire smokehouse and foundation. No paying for the brand name mark-up associated with a new smokehouse. We utilize the quality infrastructure you currently have and improve the components that aren’t functioning properly.

Quick. Easy. Less Expensive. Leaving you with an efficient, quality smokehouse.

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