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Discover the Benefits of Custom Designed Ovens and Cooking Equipment

Improved product yields and consistency starts with the food processing oven breakpoint.

The ability to control the location and duration of the breakpoint allows you to eliminate persistent cold spots on the oven rack — those areas where product cooks slower — and prevent product on the bottom and sides of the rack from overcooking.

The result? Better product consistency, coloring, and improved per piece yields.

Most oven manufacturers, however, have not cracked the science of controlling the breakpoint and continually build ovens with persistent cold spots that affect your product.

Fusion Tech’s patented Total Flow Control™ technology gives you ultimate control over the breakpoint, allowing you to set the exact amount of time you want the breakpoint to stay in a specific zone — all on an easy to use touchscreen.

Improve Your Cooking Process

Download our Fusion Cook Catalog to see:

  • The differences between a smokehouse, dehydrator, and steam cabinet
  • How Fusion Tech Ovens make the cooking process faster and easier
  • Our unparalleled built-in cleaning system
  • How Total-Flow-Control gives you total control over the oven’s airflow — and why that matters
  • How controlling the oven’s airflow results in increased oven capacity, product yields, and product consistency
  • What sets Fusion Tech Ovens apart from all other smokehouses, dehydrators, and steam ovens from the competition
  • A list of standard features and options available on Fusion Tech Ovens
  • Accessories for your smokehouses, dehydrators, and steam ovens
  • And more!

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