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Oven Evaluation

A Fusion Tech food processing oven expert can provide a professional evaluation of your current oven, presenting you with suggestions to increase the efficiency and operation of your oven.

Our 6 point evaluation covers every aspect of the oven relating to airflow and heat-retention, efficiency, food safety, and oven sanitation. We thoroughly examine your oven and compare it against the latest in food processing oven standards to improve your cooking operation.

Upon completion, we will provide you with suggestions to improve or replace your oven. Should you choose to purchase a Fusion Tech oven, the cost of the evaluation will be refunded to you.

What’s Included:

  • Airflow
  • Balance
  • Efficiency
  • Humidity System
  • Sanitary Design of Oven
  • Mechanical Components

Download the Fusion Cook Catalog to learn more about our Oven Evaluations.