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Belly Comb Remover

The Fusion Tech Belly Comb Remover is an innovative and automated solution for safely removing up to 10-tine wire belly combs from pork bellies.

The Belly Comb Remover was designed in response to growing worker injuries surrounding the hitting and pulling that occurs when trying to remove belly combs. Simply place the 8-tine or 10-tine wire belly comb first into the machine, push the activation switches, and the machine grips the comb and pulls it out.

Two options exist for how the removed combs are discharged: they can exit through the chute into a bin located below or exit from the front (as shown in the video) for manually stacking on a cleaning cart.

Larger pork processors have reported an increase in productivity and a decrease in worker injuries using the Belly Comb Remover in their facilities.

Constructed of high-grade stainless steel with no weldments, the belly comb remover exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for use in food processing facilities and is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our belly comb remover.

Ergonomically Safe

Reduces the risk of wrist, hand, and shoulder injuries caused from manually removing belly combs.

Mounts to Table

Easily mount the belly comb remover to an existing table.

Wire Combs

Designed to work best with standard, up to 10-tine wire style belly combs.

See it in Action!

Click the videos to the right to see how quickly and easily the Belly Comb Remover is able to remove 8-tine or 10-tine wire combs from pork bellies.

Standard Sizes

Model #LengthWidthHeightMax Comb SizeStyleSpeed
CMI01338622.94″16″16.68″10 TinesTable Mount12 combs/min
(depends on operator)
CMI01264744.87″42″54.68″10 TinesCart Mounted12 combs/min
(depends on operator)

Belly Comb Remover Features

The Fusion Tech Belly Comb Remover comse with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

Click on each number to learn more about our belly comb remover.


Pneumatic Power

Simply connect to compressed air supply — saves on utilities!


Safety Guarding

Keeps operator hands free of moving parts and holds belly in place while comb is being removed.


Belly Table

Place the combed pork belly on the table and insert into remover. Available only on the cart mounted model.


Belly Comb Chute

Removed combs discharge into the chute for quick and easy removal. Can be mounted on either side of the cart. Available only on the cart mounted model.


Foot Switch Guard

Protects the operator’s foot should belly fall while being placed on the table. Included in both the table mounted and cart mounted models.


Foot Switch

Activates the machine to remove the comb from pork belly. Included in both the table mounted and cart mounted models.