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FT-3000 Controller

The Fusion Tech FT-3000 Controller is an Allen-Bradley based unit designed to control the Fusion Tech Oven, Total Flow Control™ system, and the Fusion Tech Oven CIP Skid. This system is robust and easy-to-use, controlling every aspect of your oven in a one touch screen display.

The FT-3000 features five (5) main sections for controlling your Fusion Tech Oven:

  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Graphs
  • Alarms
  • Maintenance

Real time monitoring, HACCP monitoring, Live Data streaming, alarm and fault history reports are included in the FT-3000 Controller and can be accessed on the controller itself or by PC. It can even be set up to automatically email alarms and system checks.

The FT-3000 Controller is the premium control package for your Fusion Tech Oven.

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our food processing oven controllers.

Reporting Features

The FT-3000 features robust reporting:

  • Real Time Monitoring – on PC or Controller
  • HACCP Monitoring – can be pulled onto PC
  • Live Data Streaming Monitor with Historical Dating
  • Alarm / Fault History Reports
  • Automatically Email Alarms & System Checks