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SS-10 Slicer

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The Fusion Tech SS-10 Slicer is a large machine designed for slicing and cutting into strips fresh and boneless meat, as well as liver, poultry, fish fillets, and certain fruits and vegetables. It is best suited for use by large meat processors and restaurant commissaries.

The design is simple — drop fresh meat into the top and within seconds you’ll have sliced meat emptying out the bottom into your vat or onto a discharge conveyor.

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Fresh vs Tempered

No need to temper product to get a good slice! Slice fresh (32°F- 40°F) meat into perfectly sized strips.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel components and tool-less removal of guarding makes these slicers easy to clean.

Fast Slicing

Slice meat as quickly as you can load it. Capacities up to 10,000 pounds per hour.

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SS-10 Chicken Breast Test (Client Demo)
Chicken Test 1 - SS10
Chicken Test 2 - SS10
SS-10 Slicer - 16' wide in-feed
New SS-10 Meat Slicer - Industrial, High-Volume
SS-10 Slicer
SS-10 Slicer 2
Beef Test 3 - SS10
Beef Test 2 - SS10
Beef Test 1 - SS10
SS-10 Beef Test 1
SS-10 Cutting Pork Skin
SS-10 Beef Test 2
Slicing Top Sirloin Lengthwise - SS-10
SS-10 Slicer - Top Rounds 5mm

SS-10 Slicer Features

The Fusion Tech SS-10 Slicer comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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ss-10 slicer

Infeed Chute

Keeps hands clear of slicing blades while loading product.


Safety Sensor

Machine won’t run unless chute and cover are on correctly.


Safety Sensor

Machine won’t run unless conveyor or vat is aligned correctly.