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Industrial Slicers

Fusion Tech’s Industrial Slicers from Equimatec are designed to produce high-volume, precise slices of various meats and cheeses, including bacon, salami, ham, sausages, cold cuts, and blocked cheeses.

Precision control, hold down bars, and a gripping pusher keep product aligned to ensure an accurate slice every time.

With the simple touch of the control panel, you can set your slice presentation to shingle or stack, with or without interleave, making it easy to present and package your sliced beef, pork, poultry, or cheese.

The Plus models feature a discharge conveyor with electronic weighing and weight correction to aid in packaging the correct weights.

A programmable touch screen control is user-friendly and reduces the time needed to prepare the slicers for action.

The hygienic design ensures the slicers are easy to clean, while sensors and guards make them safe to operate.

All in One
Our Industrial Slicers feature models with slicing, interleaving, and weighing in one machine, and is much cheaper than buying all three solutions separately.

Our Industrial Slicers produce up to 200 slices per minute.

Precise and consistent slice thickness.

Employee Safe
Properly guarded for safe operation and a locked infeed door while the blade is in motion, our Industrial Slicers are safe to use.

Heavy duty design and construction means minimum downtime and maintenance.

Download the catalog to learn more about our line of slicers.

Precision Slicing

Precise and consistent slice thickness, producing up to 200 slices per minute.

Variety of Products

Quickly slice a wide variety of products, including bacon, cheese, salami, ham, sausages, cold cuts, and more.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel components and sanitary design make these slicers easy to clean.

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Upgrade your slicing process.