Total Flow Control®

Ultimate control over the oven’s break point

Total Flow Control® (TFC) is a patent-pending control package that enables users to control the oven’s break point at any location within the oven — making Fusion Tech Ovens truly all about the airflow. The oven is graphically broken down into multiple quadrants, which gives you control over every square inch of your oven. Users can eliminate cold spots (areas of the rack that are not cooking consistently) by simply adjusting the graphical interface on the touch screen, directing airflow to any specific quadrant for any given amount of time.

The result: every piece of product, whether hung on sticks or laid on screens, receives the same duration of airflow, making yields, product texture, and product color consistent.


  • 15 Distinct Zones for Airflow
  • Set Independent Time for Each Zone
  • Never Needs to be Homed
  • Maintenance Friendly Electronics
  • Alarm & Fault History Reports


When it’s all about the airflow, your product gets better!

Total Flow Control® enables users to direct airflow to specific quadrants in the oven, increasing product yields and consistency — meaning every piece of product in a Cove Oven cooks more evenly, resulting in yields, product texture, and product color consistency no matter where on the rack your product is placed.

  • Increase capacity by up to 30%
  • Increase product yields by 1-6%
  • Increase moisture consistency
  • Increase product consistency
  • Increase product color consistency (product color identical instead of different shades)
  • Process all products consistently & efficiently — hung or screened