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Innovating Transportation

Increase profitability and decrease costs with our
innovative solutions for your next transportation project.

Innovating Transportation

Solutions you can count on

Transportation makes the world go round – or at least helps us get around. Whether you’re expanding a manufacturing plant or introducing a new product to the market, we have the expertise to design, fabricate, and install everything you need to get up and running – and we’ll do it on time. It’s just one way we’re innovating transportation.

Reverse Engineering

Our team can take a part your equipment, discover its components, design a better method, and implement it to bring increased productivity and operation.

Customization Standard

Our team can custom design and fabricate all equipment to your specifications. At Fusion Tech, customization comes standard.

On-time Solutions

Our team will work relentlessly to design, fabricate, and install your solutions within your schedule. Less down-time means more production and greater ROI.

Get moving with innovative and quality solutions for your next project with Fusion Tech.

Solutions You Can See

Transportation makes the world go round – or at least helps us get around. We have over 10 years experience partnering with big-name transportation companies on their design and fabrication needs. Our exacting standards, professional designers and engineers, and on-time delivery make Fusion Tech the smart choice for your next project.

Solution Examples

To the right you can see just a small handful of projects we have delivered for those in the transportation industry. Big or small, Fusion Tech has the equipment, personnel, and expertise to deliver the perfect solution.

Why Choose Fusion Tech?

We are your one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Real solutions for your production needs
  • Expert design and fabrication
  • Quality control from start to finish
  • Less paperwork
  • On-time fabrication and installation
  • Fewer schedules to manage
  • One company to contact

When Quality Matters

Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you – we work hard to give you the highest quality products and services around. Using state of the art equipment, our staff delivers powerful results you can’t find anywhere else.

Transportation Solutions

We provide high quality solutions for manufacturers of:

  • Railroad Cars
  • Construction Equipment
  • Sanitation Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Military Vehicles
  • Earth Moving Machines
  • Forklifts

Discover how Fusion Tech can add value to your next transportation project.