Home Style Patty Maker

home style patty maker

Home Style Patty Maker

Hand Formed Patty Look

Fusion Process

Home Style Patty Maker


Beef up your sales with a home style patty your customers will love and a return on investment you’ll go crazy over!

The Fusion Tech Home Style Patty Maker integrates onto your existing patty former discharge conveyor, giving you a patty with broken edges and a natural hand-formed texture at the same speed and output as your patty former. The patty maker is flexibile enough to allow for a quick adjustment of the patty thickness.
No need to purchase expensive equipment — the Home Style Patty Former does not require a large capital expenditure or a dedicated line to produce the home style look you want.

Superior quality, direct to freezer product flow, easy patty thickness adjustments, and quick set up make the Home Style Patty Maker the perfect solution to create case ready, pre-cooked, fresh, or frozen beef, pork, or turkey patties.

  • Model # A-12588
  • Overall Weight: 261.30 lbs
  • Dimensions: 41.50″ l  |  38″ w  |  20.10″ h
  • Integrates onto your existing patty former discharge conveyor
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Easily adjust patty thickness
  • No dedicated line needed
  • Works for beef, pork, or turkey patties
  • Plug & Play design

The Fusion Tech Home Style Patty Maker comes equipped with a number of standard features designed to for durability, sanitation, and safety.


  • Stainless Steel Type 304 Construction
  • All Seams Fully Seal Welded
  • Robust Design
  • Integrates onto existing patty former discharge conveyor


  • Safety Guards around press area to keep employees safe

Cleaning / Sanitation

  • Wash down components allow for high pressure washing

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Former Integration

The Home Style Patty Maker easily integrates onto any patty former discharge conveyor to reduce capital expenditures.

Adjust Patty Thickness

Easily adjust the thickness of your home style patty with the turn of a handle.

Plug + Play Design

Simply attach the Home Style Patty Maker to your former discharge conveyor and you’re set to go!

Standard Sizes

Model # Footprint Weight Belting
A-12588 38″w x 41.50″l x 20.10″h 261.30 lbs Intralox S550 Tight Transfer Flat Top

Home Style Patty Makers can be custom designed to meet the footprint and former integration size you need.

Home Style Patty Maker Features

The Fusion Tech Home Style Patty Maker comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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A-12588 Patty Smashers

Tool-less Height Adjustment

Front and back of press belt can be adjusted to different heights independently.


Safety Switch

Machine won’t run when guarding is open.


Intralox Belting

Flattening conveyor is equipped with Intralox S550 tight transfer flat top belt.


Former Integration

Existing patty former discharge conveyor belt integrates into the patty smasher for an integrated solution.


Compact Drum Drive

Compact drum drive design for motor and gearbox.