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Create a Hand-Pulled Look Almost Instantly

SH-50 Shredder

  • sh-50 meat shredder

The Fusion Tech SH-50 Shredder is a heavy-duty machine designed to create shredded/pulled product almost instantly for large meat processing facilities and restaurant commissaries. It is capable of shredding up to 10,000 pounds of cooked meat per hour without cutting or tearing, giving you a hand pulled look quickly and easily.

The design is simple — cooked meat is loaded into the back and top of the machine and within seconds you’ll have shredded/pulled meat emptying onto your conveyor or into your buggy.

The SH-50 Shredder can be paired with an integration package to automate the feeding and discharge of the machine. It features a stand-alone control panel that allows for more integration options and custom control panel placement.

The SH-50 Shredder is the ultimate pulled meat machine for processing large amounts of meat product in minimal time.

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Hand Pulled Look

Get long muscle fiber shreds without cutting or tearing of  product for that hand pulled look.

Continuous Flow

Our larger shredders are designed for continuous processing — allowing for integrated shredding.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel components and tool-less guarding removal makes these shredders easy to clean.

Shredder Accessories

Outfit your SH-50 Shredder with add-on accessories designed to optimize the use and maintenance of your shredding operation.

Shredder Integration

Fusion Tech can custom design a package to integrate an SH-50 Shredder into your current operation, automating the shredding process and saving you time and money.

SH-50 Shredder Features

The Fusion Tech SH-50 Shredder comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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The SH-50 Shredder is efficient, reliable and consistent in delivering high quality shredded products.


Hinged Covers

Panel covers are hinged to make maintenance and cleaning easy.


Fortress Interlocks Latch

Mechanism locks panels into place to prevent accidental starting.


Safety Sensors

The machine won’t run unless the cover panels are closed and locked correctly.


Alignment Safety Sensor

The machine won’t run unless the discharge conveyor or buggy is aligned correctly to prevent employees from sticking their hands in the bottom of the machine.


Free Standing Control Panel

Allows for more integration options and custom placement of the control panel.

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