Inline Slicers

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Precision & Performance

Inline Slicers

Fusion Tech’s line of Inline Slicers from Nock are designed to produce a fine, even, and smooth cut of fresh, boneless products.

Nock Slicers can be easily, quickly, and safely fed with a continuously running conveyor. No complicated and time consuming handling needed! Simply place product on the infeed conveyor and within seconds, you’ll have perfectly sliced meat.

Quick release conveyors, easy to remove blade shafts, and patented Nock Power Plates make all Nock Slicers easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Need to cut cubes? You can easily place two Nock Inline Slicers at a 90° angle for a second cut.

When speed and accuracy are needed, our Inline Slicers from Nock are the affordable solution.

Our Inline Slicers cut at a rate of 59 feet (18m) per minute.

Nock slicers use circular blades to prevent pressing and straining product, giving you an accurate and precise slice.

Employee Safe
Long Nock Easy-Flow safety covers keep operator hands clear of blades.

Heavy-duty design and construction means minimum downtime and maintenance.

Download the Fusion Cut catalog to learn more about our line of slicers.

Precision Slicing

Product is not pressed or strained during slicing, giving you a precise and accurate slice.

Easy to Integrate

Infeed and discharge conveyors make these slicers easy to integrate into your current line.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel components and sanitary design make these slicers easy to clean.

Technical Specs

SlicerCB 598 Jerky
Cut Direction
Blade Diameter
300mm (11.81″)
Maximum Processing Height
120mm (4.73″)
Maximum Product Width400mm (15.75″)
Slice Thicknesses (mm)4mm to 39mm in 1mm increments

Infeed Conveyor46” long
19.29” wide
Discharge Conveyor46” long
19.29” wide
Cutting Speed
18m (59′) per minute
Adjustable Lateral Guides on Infeed ConveyorOptional
Electrical220v | 60 Hz
Overall Dimensions2450mm (96.46″) long x 820mm (32.28″) wide x 1300mm (51.88″) tall
837.16 lbs


Blade Set Cleaning Wagon

nock blade set cleaning wagon

Adjustable Guides on Infeed Conveyor

Blade Set Storage Box

Cutting Cubes

Cutting cubes is easy with Nock Inline Slicers.

Place two machines at a 90° angle from each other. The meat passes automatically from the first machine onto the second. No second operator needed!

See the image to the right for layout.

Upgrade your slicing process.