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4 Smart Reasons to Buy a Shredder for Your Restaurant

The popularity of shredded meat sandwiches are on the rise, and many restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s not uncommon to find shredded meat on menus of 5-star restaurants all the way down to fast food establishments.

This increase in demand has caused stress in the kitchens of many restaurants — finding a way to efficiently and quickly shred meat while keeping the hand-pulled look your customers want can be difficult. Keeping an eye on the supply of shredded meat, quickly shredding cooked meat with shredding claws, avoiding the dreaded sorry, we’re out of that item situation takes a lot of time and energy.

There is a solution to the struggle of keeping up with the demand for shredded meat: investing in an industrial meat shredder machine.

A Smart Investment

A meat shredder machine is a smart investment for any restaurant looking to provide quality shredded meat quickly and easily. Here are four reasons why you should invest in a meat shredder for your restaurant:

Save Time in the Kitchen

One of the greatest difficulties in providing shredded meat is the time it takes to shred the meat. Meat shredding claws work, but they can take upwards of 10 minutes or more to go from cooked meat to shredded meat that’s ready to be served. This method is also limiting — you’ll only be able to provide shredded meat at the rate at which your employees can shred.

A meat shredding machine can provide you with the same hand-pulled looking shreds in a fraction of the time. Depending on the make and model, you can shred cooked meat in under 5 minutes. A great shredder can do so in less than two minutes.

Imagine the time you would save in the kitchen if you could shred cooked meat in about a minute.

Shred More Meat Quickly

A meat shredding machine not only saves you time in the kitchen, it also allows you to quickly shred more meat product.

If a meat shredding machine only takes a minute to shred the same amount of meat it used to take 10 or more minutes to shred, you would be able to shred ten times as much meat in those ten minutes. This would allow you to sell more shredded meat without the need to hire more employees to keep up with prep work.

Meat shredding machines range anywhere from shredding 200 pounds an hour to 10,000 pounds an hour or more. Try shredding that amount of meat with shredding claws. You’d need to hire an army of new employees.

Save Money

It might seem counter-intuitive, but spending money on a meat shredding machine will actually help you save money in the long run.

A small investment in a meat shredder up front gives you the flexibility to offer more shredded meat products without increasing one of your biggest expenses: your kitchen staff.

A meat shredding machine doesn’t need health insurance, vacation time, or take sick days. It doesn’t need to be trained or require a uniform. It won’t show up late, require disciplinary action, take more of your income through taxes. It can shred more meat than an employee ever could, and costs a fraction of the cost of hiring someone.

Increase Offerings of Shredded Meat

The right model of meat shredding machine is able to shred a wide variety of cooked meat product — from your standard pork, beef, and chicken to turkey, duck, and exotic meats. Some models are even able to shred tofurky — a vegan- and vegetarian-friendly alternative to turkey.

Every meat product is different and requires a different amount of force and technique to shred. A meat shredding machine is able to accommodate the differences in meat product and still provide you with a hand-pulled look quickly and easily.

An added bonus — imagine being the only restaurant around to offer shredded duck or shredded tofurky. The uniqueness of your shredded meat offerings alone would appeal to a wider variety of customers and be enough to increase traffic in your restaurant.

Invest in the Best

Finding the right meat shredder for your restaurant can be challenging. Our meat shredder were designed to shred a variety of meat product quickly and easily, giving you a consistently hand-pulled look in a fraction of the time of other machines. We provide three different models to meet the needs of your restaurant and equip them with the 5 most important options you should look for in a meat shredder.

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