ergo trim station

4 Safety Reasons to Invest in an Ergo Trim Station

According to the California Department of Labor Statistics and Research, workers in food-processing plants have a higher likelihood of being hurt on the job than workers in many other industries.1 Reaching across a conveyor, lifting heavy loads, twisting and bending at a work station, performing repetitive tasks, and working in awkward positions – all tasks commonly found in processing plants – are leading risk factors for injury.

It’s why ergonomics — the study of how to improve the fit between the tasks of the job and the employees who perform the work — play a significant role in promoting safe workplaces and reducing the high cost of employee absenteeism and injury.

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meat cutting sanitation

Meat Cutting Sanitation Tips

Proper cleaning is important in your meat cutting sanitation efforts. Not only are there numerous federal, state, and industry regulations on proper sanitation which need to be followed, but regular cleaning of equipment also prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces product contamination.

According to Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities, a seven-step process is commonly used in proper meat cutting sanitation facilities, including1:

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safe knife handling

Safe Knife Handling Practices

Knives are often a part of any cutting operation line and can pose a safety risk to your employees if not handled correctly. While most sawing equipment comes with safety guards and kill switches, hand-held knives aren’t equipped with that luxury, and the safety of your employee comes down to knowing proper safe knife handling practices.
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ergonomic risk factors

How to Avoid Ergonomic Injuries in Meat Cutting and Shredding

Workers in the meat cutting and shredding industry are at a high risk for experiencing the most common of ergonomic injuries: musculoskeletal disorders.

Most food processing companies will invest in equipment to keep workers safe from cuts associated with slicing and shredding, but tend to overlook preventing injuries that arise from awkward posture and repetitive movement tasks that can be just as debilitating.

Cuts happen in an instant and the effects are seen immediately. Musculoskeletal disorders develop over time, and can affect even the safest of workers.

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