deboning room

3 Basic Principles of a Deboning Room

When it comes to setting up your deboning room operation, there are three basic layouts that are most often used. Each layout offers its own advantages, based on the goals you are trying to achieve with your processing line, and can be combined to create a multi-functioning deboning room.

Here are the three basic room layouts, along with the advantages and benefits of each layout:

Table Deboning

Table deboning is the simplest and most classic layout of a cutting room, and offers a high degree of flexibility. In this layout, employees utilize cutting tables to carry out their work. Table deboning is the optimal solution when carcasses or cuts are not uniform, but does require you to hire employees who are skilled at a wide range of cuts.

Deboning tables can be any size or shape, with options ranging from bins for product and trimmings to ergonomic stands for employee comfort and safety. Fusion Tech offers custom designed cutting and deboning tables to meet your processing needs – complete with a wide array of options. View our basic poly-top cutting table.

Pace Deboning

Pace deboning is the next step up from table deboning. This layout utilizes a conveyor belt to transport carcass parts throughout the cutting room, as well as attached work surfaces for cutting and deboning. Each employee has a specific task in the deboning process, the tempo of which is set by the speed of the conveyor belt. The deboned meat and trimmings are packed in crates or placed back on the conveyor belt and led away.

Pace deboning allows you to achieve efficient and uniform deboning, often with less skilled employees, as each workstation only requires a single cut performed repeatedly.

Fusion Tech offers custom designed pace deboning systems to meet your processing needs. Our basic system comes complete with individual workstations for deboning and trimming animal carcasses and every station is ergonomically designed with a worktable and bins for products and trimmings. As always, each system can be completely customized with sizes, options, and functions. View our basic deboning systems.

Custom Deboning

The ultimate level of deboning layouts is a completely custom system. This layout is unlike any other, as it is designed around your specific product and deboning needs. Specialized equipment, custom work stations, an a unique work flow make up this layout.

Custom deboning is ideal for specialized and unique product for which most other deboning systems just don’t work efficiently, or for which no other system exists.

Fusion Tech is the leader in designing completely custom food processing systems, including deboning systems. We can take your napkin sketch initial idea, research your product and what is needed, and design a system that will effectively and efficiently debone your product. Check out our Design and Modeling Process to see how it works.

Go with the Pros

If you’re looking for a deboning system for your food processing operation, or are interested in getting more information, consider the experts at Fusion Tech. We have over 10 years experience designing custom systems for meat, poultry, and pork processors, designing and fabricating each piece in the system to the highest of quality and industry standards.