5 Important Benefits of American Made & Serviced Ovens

There’s something to be said for buying an industrial oven that is manufactured and serviced in America.

Putting aside the fact that American made means you’re supporting the creation and maintaining of jobs here in America, there are a number of benefits that come with the Made in America stamp on your industrial oven.

Greater quality, better customer service, and the ease of customization are just a few highlights of purchasing an industrial oven from an American manufacturer. But that’s not all!

Why Buy an American Made & Serviced Oven?

Want to know why an American made and serviced is the best feature for your new industrial oven? Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive:

Better Customer Service

There’s nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars in a new industrial oven, only to have the company you purchased it from go MIA when you need help — or send you to an international call center where the service “tech” doesn’t understand your oven or know how to fix it.

An oven that is made and serviced in America provides for a much better customer service experience.

  • No international call centers
  • Service Technicians located throughout the U.S.
  • Technicians available for site visits on short notice
  • Support in a language and accent you can understand
  • Customer support available in your time zone
  • A company that cares about the success of its customers

An investment as large as an industrial oven should come standard with exceptional customer service. When you purchase an oven that is made and serviced in America, that is what you get — customer service that is not outsourced to a call center in another country.

Remote Access for Easy Diagnosis

Another benefit of an American made and serviced oven: remote oven access.

Imagine if you purchased your industrial oven from a company with exceptional customer service who was able to remotely log into your oven, determine what was wrong, and provide you the steps needed to troubleshoot your oven in a matter of minutes. Not only would that be an immense help, it would save you time and money waiting for a service tech to schedule a visit.

When you purchase an American serviced oven, that’s what you get — remote access for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting of your oven. The same team who designed and built your oven is the same team available to troubleshoot.

Try getting that in an oven when their customer service department is outsourced to another country. They might be able to walk you through the common issues found in the owner’s manual, but logging into your oven and providing a diagnosis? That is only found in an American-serviced oven.

Meets All Sanitary Requirements

An industrial oven manufactured in America has a big advantage over an oven manufactured overseas: it meets all American sanitary design requirements.

Each country has differing standards of what is considered acceptable for a food processing facility. An American industrial oven manufacturer is more aware of the American standards of sanitary design than an oven manufactured in another country.

Case in point: most ovens manufactured overseas use seam gaskets on wall splices when constructing their ovens. It’s a pretty typical practice in oven manufacturing. While this method is acceptable in other parts of the world, it creates places in your oven where bacteria is able to harbor and grow — causing a greater risk of product contamination.

An American oven manufacturer would know to steer clear of seam gaskets because of the potential of bacteria growth in the oven.

Easy Reordering of Parts

Need to reorder a part for your oven? When you purchase an oven manufactured in America, that’s not an issue.

Your replacement part can be ordered and shipped quickly — and doesn’t require weeks to get to you. Depending on the part, you might even be able to request a service technician to come and help replace the part for you or, at the very least, walk you through how to change the part over the phone.

That’s a speed and quality of service you can only get in an American-made oven.

Oven Customizations are Possible

Many ovens manufactured overseas are stock ovens — you get a limited range of models to choose from with an even more limited range of options and features.

When you purchase an oven from an American manufacturer, especially a custom manufacturer, you have a much wider range of options and features and styles for your oven.

Need a feature not found on a standard oven? Want to make your oven easier to maintain? Need a custom size oven — especially a larger oven?

A custom manufacturer with a fully staffed design and engineering team located here in America is able to provide you with the exact options and features you want in your oven.

The American Made & Serviced Choice

When you’re ready to upgrade to an American made and serviced industrial oven, look no further than Fusion Tech. Our custom designed ovens come standard with exceptional customer service you won’t find from any other oven manufacturer. You can learn more about our ovens, the benefits of purchasing an American made and serviced oven, and see what sets us apart by downloading the Ovens Catalog below.

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