Industrial Dehydrators

It’s all about the airflow

Fusion Tech Industrial Dehydrators are manufactured for food processing professionals looking for a versatile oven that can cook and dry products such as jerky, pet treats, fruits, vegetables, and many other random products.

Our industrial dehydrators come equipped with Total-Flow-Control, a control package that enables users to control the dehydrator’s break point at any location within the oven. As most products in an industrial dehydrator are laid out on screens, our Total-Flow-Control package allows you to create a recipe that moves airflow horizontal up to 99% of the process time.  Combined with the ability to focus the airflow at any given point in the oven, TFC eliminates cold areas (areas of the rack that are not drying consistently).

With a Fusion Tech Industrial Dehydrator, every piece of product, whether hung on sticks or laid on screens, receives the same duration of airflow, making yields, product texture, and product color consistent.