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Fusion Tech Donates over $45,000 to Local Food Pantries

Fusion Tech is proud to announce that as of today, we have donated a total of $45,807 to support local food pantries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, we developed a solution to facilitate social distancing at meat and poultry processing plants — mounting polycarbonate shields between employees to help processing plants stay open — as a way to help our customers and help prevent the spread of the virus.

“Obviously, we did not do this to get rich off of it, as it’s mainly to help our customer base,” said Brandon Bentz, owner. “That’s the most important thing for us because that’s where we derive all of our business from.”

We priced our guarding low and made the decision to donate $5 of every COVID-19 Guard sold to help keep our community fed.

“We feel incredibly fortunate that we are able to help in this way and feel the need to step those efforts up during this time,” said Kathy Bentz, owner. “Helping to ensure our community has enough to eat only makes sense, as we regularly work with food processing companies.”

Three donations totaling $45,807 have been made throughout this year:

  • April : $13,775
  • August: $18,225
  • December: $13,907

We’ve spread those donations out over 5 food pantries in the 3 counties where the majority of our employees live:

We also helped sponsor WMOI/WRAM’s Annual Half Way to Freezing for Food event on August 5th and 6th, with proceeds going to benefit the Jamieson Community Center in Monmouth, Illinois, and the Roseville Helping Hands Food Pantry in Roseville, Illinois.

“Most businesses talk about being a helping hand for their local community,” said Jason Vana, marketing director. “Fusion Tech lives it. Instead of holding onto that money, we decided to increase our charitable giving to help those in need. That’s just who we are as a company.”

As more orders for our COVID-19 Guards come in, we will continue to donate $5 from each guard to our local food pantries.

It’s just one way we choose to invest in our local community.

Food Processors and businesses looking to protect their workforce from the spread of COVID-19 can learn more about and request a quote on our COVID-19 Guards here.