Steam Ovens

The right amount of steam for your product

Fusion Tech Industrial Steam Ovens come equipped with a steam cooking system that injects large volumes of live steam into the cabinet. They are used for products such as cook-in-bag, plastic casing, meal pouches, and exposed products. Fusion Tech Industrial Steam Ovens are economical, as they eliminate the equipment of a typical smokehouse, but still provide the consistency you have come to expect from a Fusion Tech Oven.

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Steam Oven Features

Standard Features

  • Pneumatic door seals
  • IT probes
  • No cold spots

Easy to Clean

Fusion Tech Industrial Steam Ovens are designed around sanitation and feature, no metal-on-metal contact — everything is designed with sanitation in mind.

Frame & Construction

  • Framing & Construction:
    • Tubular stainless steel framing. No “C-Channel” or mild steel structure
    • TIG welded wall skins creates a clean surface and eliminates distortion
    • Sanitary design with interior all TIG welded


Oven Doors

  • Door system: (can be retrofitted to existing dehydrators)
    • Applies vacuum to door gasket. Opens door quickly and holds gasket within channel under vacuum for protection
    • Longer gasket life



  • Product Shower
  • Extra door passthrough for HACCP program
  • Accessories

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Control Panels

Fusion Tech Industrial Steam Ovens come with three controller options. You can learn more about our controllers to the right.