Top 4 Benefits of Consistent Component Parts

Human error — when it comes to the quality of the agricultural equipment you’re manufacturing, you want to avoid it at all costs.

Fabricating the exact same shapes and measurements, getting quality cuts, utilizing raw material to it’s fullest, and guaranteeing consistent component parts is near impossible without the right machinery. You can try it on your own, and make adjustments as needed to make inconsistent component parts fit, but when you’re trying to grow your business and process more equipment orders, consistency is your friend.

Why Does Consistency Matter?

Why does component part consistency play such a big role in growing your business?

Simple. Part consistency makes it easier for you to process equipment orders and get them to your customers faster — giving you time to take on even more orders. The faster and easier it is to fill your orders, the more you can fill, and the larger your business grows.

Here are four other benefits to using consistent component parts:

Faster Assembly

As mentioned above, when you have consistent parts — all parts the exact same size and shape with all cuts and holes lining up perfectly — you are able to assembly your equipment faster.

Think about it. How much time do you spend making minor adjustments to parts simply because a hole was 1/16th of an inch off? Or a cut wasn’t made correctly? The time it takes you to fix inconsistent parts costs you time, and means you aren’t able to take on as many orders as possible.

Consistent parts eliminate the need for those minor adjustments and allow you to assemble your equipment and get it to your customer faster than expected!

Better Quality

When you use consistent parts in assembling your ag equipment, you end up with a higher quality end-product for your customer. The less amount of adjustments you need to make to account for inconsistencies in parts, the less risks arise of your equipment breaking down on a client. Extra welds, rigged solutions, and forcing parts to fit together all end up costing you in the end.

The quality of your equipment is your reputation. Using consistent parts raises that reputation and creates greater demand for your product.

Less Material Waste

Obtaining part consistency is best handled with an industrial laser cutter, which uses part nesting software. Part nesting is a fancy term for laying out cut patterns to minimize material waste. In other words, the nesting software will calculate the best layouts to provide you the maximum amount of components for the material used – saving you money and allowing the reproduction of the component pieces in the future.

Replacement Parts

Using consistent component parts allows you to offer your customers something you couldn’t do easily before — replacement parts.

When all of the component parts in your equipment are consistently and exactly the same, you can simply put a new component part on the equipment without needing to take measurements and hope you can match what you originally had on there. It takes less time and energy to provide replacements parts, and makes you money.

It’s a win-win!

Hire a Fabrication Company

Ready to start working with consistent component parts for your ag equipment?

The best way to achieve that level of consistency is to hire an outside fabrication company. Fabrication companies have the industrial equipment needed to provide you with the exact same parts every time you need them. They have the staff to process your order and get it to you quickly — more parts in less time than you could do yourself. And the best part — it’s often cheaper than you think. 

Need more convincing? Here are 5 ways an outside fabrication company can help increase the consistency and quality of your component parts.

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