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All About the Airflow

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Food Processing Ovens

Our line of food processing ovens give you what no other oven on the market can: ultimate control over the oven breakpoint. Total Flow Control™, our patented airflow system, allows you to set the location and duration of the breakpoint airflow, which eliminates cold spots in the oven, resulting in more consistent product cooking and coloring, and up to a 10% increase in product yields over other manufacturer’s ovens.

Consistent product yields, texture, and color are possible in a Fusion Tech oven.

Choose the oven for you

We offer four styles of ovens — smokehouses, protein dehydrators, non-protein dehydrators, steam ovens — to fit the needs of your specific product.

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our food processing ovens.

Increased Product Yields

Customers report up to a 10% increase in product yields over other manufacturers’ ovens.

Increased Product Consistency

Product cooks evenly throughout your truck, giving you greater consistency.

Better Product Color

Consistent cooking reduces the wide range of product coloring found in most ovens, and gives you a better product color.

Breakpoint Control

Total Flow Control ™ lets you set the breakpoint location and duration to one of multiple zones.

Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots

Direct the breakpoint airflow to eliminate spots that over cook on your truck.

Two Ovens in One

Vertical & horizontal airflow can be created in a single oven.

Controlling the Oven Breakpoint

Fusion Tech ovens stand alone in their ability to control the breakpoint. With our patented Total Flow Control™ system, you are able to direct the airflow to one of the multiple zones in the oven — and keep it there for a specified amount of time.

This individualized control over the oven breakpoint eliminates hot and cold spots on your truck and provides for a more consistent, even cooking of your product. Customers have reported up to a 10% increase in product yields and a marked increase in product color consistency using our airflow technology.

It’s like getting two ovens in one. The airflow technology in a Fusion Tech oven allows you to maintain horizontal airflow, vertical airflow, or anything in between. Whether you have hung product or screened product, you can set the airflow to ensure every piece of your product receives the exact same amount of airflow.

Everything about a Fusion Tech oven is designed to optimize the formation and movement of the breakpoint.

breakpoint formation

largest increase in product yields
as reported by the customer


largest increase in capacity
as reported by the customer


largest increase in product consistency
as reported by the customer


largest decrease in cook time
as reported by the customer

Oven Features

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel 304 construction with interior seams fully welded (no gaskets)
  • Walls, roof, and doors fully insulated with Rockwool Insulation (1,100° rating)
  • Walls and roof have stainless steel structural tube and angle design
  • Heavy duty stainless steel diamond floor plate
  • VFD controlled fan (instead of single speed)
  • High volume, forced airflow recirculation (minimum of 16 air changes)
  • Total-Flow-Control system (vertical and horizontal airflow controlled by an HMI touchscreen)
  • 480 volt power supply standard (step down voltages available)
  • Single product probe
  • Psychrometer pan in return airflow for accurate temperature and humidity readings
  • Radiuses along oven walls for enhanced air flow velocity
  • Air bladder door seals (pneumatic)
  • Indu iMax 1000 controller featuring color touchscreen that can hold multiple recipes, offline monitoring, chart recording, and documentation storage capabilities for HACCP standard

Fusion Tech ovens can come with your option of heating sources.

Dry Heating Sources

  • Gas fired
  • Gas fired with low-NOx required
  • Electric
  • Steam Coils

Wet Heating Sources

  • Steam Cook

Not sure which heating source to use? Check out this chart to help you choose which source will work best for you.

Fusion Tech ovens can be equipped with two styles of humidity control:

  • Steam
  • Air / Water Atomization

Fusion Tech ovens can include the following power supplies:

  • 208 volt power supply
  • 230/240 volt power supply
  • 575 volt power supply

Our Steam Ovens can be outfitted with 110 volt power supply.

  • Doors fully insulated with Rockwool Insulation (1,100° rating)
  • Add an optional Pass-Through door on the oven
  • An innovative vacuum system on the inflatable door seal allows the seal to deflate much quicker than a typical system as well as reduce the potential of tearing by retracting the seal into the protective door channel.

Supply Ducts & Return Plenum:

  • Two-sided aerodynamic supply ducts with slots (instead of cones) for uniform airflow. Allows airflow stream to be tighter and maintain proper velocities to create a better break-point.

Floor Radius:

  • Large 10″-12″ floor radius plate for improved airflow and sanitation
  • Built into cabinet eliminating seams and distortion of wall skins

Fusion Tech ovens stand alone in their ability to control the location and duration of the breakpoint.

Patented coved (radius) corners along the oven walls enhance the airflow velocity, creating a stronger breakpoint for the cooking of your product.

An oversized, VFD controlled fan provides high volume, forced airflow recirculation with a minimum of 14 air changes.

Two-sided aerodynamic supply ducts come with airflow straightening slots to provide uniform airflow and greater breakpoint control.

The greater the control over the oven breakpoint, the better your product will be.

Fusion Tech ovens feature the best in framing and construction:

  • Stainless Steel 304 construction with interior seams fully TIG welded (no gaskets)
  • Walls, roof, and doors fully insulated with Rockwool Insulation (1,100° rating)
  • Walls and roof have stainless steel structural tube and angle design
  • Heavy duty stainless steel diamond floor plate
  • Sanitary design construction

Fusion Tech Ovens are designed with sanitation in mind.

Product shower piping and sanitary spray balls located in the main ducts and oven housing provide 360 degree cleaning — something you won’t find in ovens with the pig-tale spray nozzle. Our built in cleaning system cleans all areas around the fan cabinet, supply ducting, return areas, and more.

Sanitary welds and no metal-on-metal contact round out the easy-to-clean features of a Fusion Tech oven.

Fusion Tech Ovens include the following features for ease of maintenance:

  • Access ports located above oven dampers for:
    • Easy damper tuning, if ever needed
    • Access to the air/water atomization that produces humidity
  • Psychrometer pan located in return duct with access from a return duct port that makes replacing the wet bulb easy
  • Steam ovens feature a steam coil drawer in the return duct, making it easy to access and pull out the steam coil for maintenance or future replacement
  • Sanitary spray balls are easily removed for cleaning if they ever get clogged

Customize Your Oven

  • Interior Drain
  • Exterior Trench or Area Drain
  • Automatic or Manual CIP Piping
  • Prouct Shower
  • Pass-Through Door
  • Additional Product Probes (standard is 1 probe)
  • Stack Lighting & Alarms
  • Handrail on Top of Oven
  • Access Ladder
  • Smoke Piping
  • Exhaust Stacks

Fusion Tech ovens come standard with high / low voltage, air control valves, HMI in one enclosure located on the side of the oven. Other options include:

  • Remote HMI (attached to oven, but not in control panel)
  • Remote HMI (not attached to oven)
  • Control Panel on Top of Oven (requires AC Unit)
  • Alternate Location for Control Panel (not attached to oven)
  • Slope Top Box

Fusion Tech oven electrical panels can be UL certified at the customer’s request.

Fusion Tech Smoke Generator
Our Smoke Generator is a wood chip burner that gives you total control over the intensity and density of the smoke, resulting in a flavor-rich product you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Other Smoke Generator Options
We can outfit your oven with other smoke generator options, including:

  • Liquid Smoke
  • Pellet Burner

Our innovative and uniquely designed CIP Skid is a high capacity clean-in-place tank and pumping system designed to efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize a Fusion Tech Oven.

industrial oven smokehouse dehydrator

Vacuum Door Seals

A vacuum system provides quick deflation and reduces the potential of tearing by fully retracting the seal into a protective door channel. Removable lower face of the door allows for easy gasket replacement.


Door Flush to Face

Door is flush to the face of the oven cabinet, eliminating bacteria harboring points.


ovens hinged supply and return ductsHinged Supply & Return Ducts

Hinged supply and return ducts allow for easy maintenance access and cleaning of all ducting. Shown in yellow.


No Slides on Return Ducts

Holes found in the return ducts eliminate the use of metal on metal slides, which causes bacteria growth and makes it easier to to balance the oven.


oven lowered return ductLowered Return Duct

V Style return duct is designed to lessen turbulence and air rotation. Flat return ducts do not allow air to return as efficiently as a v style return duct. Shown in yellow.


Psychrometer Pan Port (inside)

oven psychrometer pan
Access the psychrometer pan and wet / dry bulb through an access panel in the return duct. Replace the wet sock in seconds with this no tools required design. Shown in yellow.


ovens_spray ballsCIP Sanitary Spray Balls

Sanitary spray balls in the supply & return ducts, oven cabinet, and fan housing provide 360° cleaning of the oven.
Shown in yellow.


oven damper system Jack Shaft Damper System

Dampers are positioned and controlled together with a jack shaft system rather than using chains that stretch out over time and cause the dampers to go out of position from each other. Shown in yellow.

Learn why this is better than chain driven systems.


Oversized Fan

An oversized, VFD controlled fan (instead of single speed) provides high volume, forced airflow recirculation (minimum of 16 air changes).

Plug fan shown. Other sytles available:

  • Forward Curve Fan
  • Reverse Curve Fan

oven damper accessDamper Access Port

Access the dampers from outside the oven for ease of tuning if ever needed. Good for certifying oven. Shown in yellow.


Interior Fully Seam Welded Skins

TIG Welded wall skins prevent the build up of bacteria found in ovens with seam gaskets.


Rockwool Insulation

Walls, roof, and doors are fully insulated with Rockwool insulation, that has an insulation rating up to 1,100° and is waterproof.


ovens supply duct slotsSupply Duct Slots

Two-sided aerodynamic supply ducts with slots provide uniform airflow and greater breakpoint control. Shown in yellow. 


Tubular Stainless Steel Frame

Tubular stainless steel framing provides a more robust structure. Stainless holds up longer compared to a carbon frame structure.


Diamond Floor Plate

Oven floors are constructed of heavy duty stainless steel diamond floor plate for safety.


Pitched Floor to Central Drain (Optional)

A pitched floor leading to a central, interior drain eliminates water, fluids, and bacteria from sitting on the oven floor. Other option includes sloping to exterior trench drain.


smokehouse oven covesCoved (Radius) Corners

Coved (or radius) corners enhance airflow velocity and reduce the degrading of the oven breakpoint as air moves down the walls and across the floor of the oven. Shown in yellow.

Red Dots = Airflow Features
Green Dots = Maintenance Features
Dark Blue Dots = Cleaning & Sanitation Features
Light Blue Dots = Construction

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our food processing ovens.

Total Flow Control®

Total Flow Control® is a patented control package the enables users to control the oven’s break point at any location within the oven — making Fusion Tech Ovens truly all about the airflow. The oven is graphically broken down into multiple quadrants, which gives you control over every square inch of your oven. Users can eliminate cold spots (areas of the rack that are not cooking consistently) by simply adjusting the graphical interface on the touch screen, directing airflow to any specific quadrant for any given amount of time.

The result: every piece of product, whether hung on sticks or laid on screens, receives the same duration of airflow, making yields, product texture, and product color consistent.

Control Panels

Fusion Tech Ovens come with two controller options. You can learn more about our controllers to the right.

Add On Features

Smoke Generator

Taste and intensity are key when purchasing a smoke generation system, and the Fusion Tech Smoke Generator gives you both in one system.

CIP Skid

A high capacity clean-in-place tank and pumping system designed to efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize a Fusion Tech Oven.

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our food processing ovens.

Already trusted by these amazing companies

We purchased two, two truck ovens in mid 2017. We have been very pleased! We also have a 4 truck oven being built for us currently with a September 2018 Delivery Date. The air flow technology allows us to cover all hot spots and cold spots accordingly. Cooking times decreased by an average of 15%-20%. This is outstanding with sausage and Beef Jerky. Our yields have increased by approximately 10%. This equals more profits! We are very pleased with the service and support team of Fusion Tech.

The Fusion Tech oven reduced our cook time by 3.5 hours, improved color and consistency throughout our product, and increased our product yields. The staff is amazing — they even accepted calls from my smokehouse operators day or night to make sure everything was running correctly and answer any questions.

I’ve been in the meat industry for 33 years and have used all kinds of equipment, but now I’m a Fusion Tech customer for life. I have used Enviro-Pak horizontal smokehouses, Alkar smokehouses, as well as others, and nothing compares to Fusion Tech Smokehouses. I have an older 2-Truck Alkar smokehouse that was retrofitted with the Fusion Tech Total-Flow-Control (TFC) airflow system. With the TFC system, now I can use that smokehouse for all of my jerky products. The TFC allows me to concentrate the airflow virtually anywhere I want in the oven, so it allows me to put more capacity on a rack and still maintain excellent consistency. I basically get two smokehouses in one with the Fusion Tech smokehouse, a horizontal and a vertical smokehouse. The Fusion Tech oven gives me better consistency and 20% more capacity per rack.

Case Studies

Discover how other food processors are improving their cooked product in a Fusion Tech smokehouse, dehydrator, or steam oven.

An Oven for Your Product.

Whatever your product, there is a Fusion Tech Oven — smokehouse, dehydrator, steam oven — to meet your needs.

Easy to Use.

Our controls offer robust functions in a simplistic touch screen interface with instruction prompts.

Oven & Accessories in One.

Fusion Tech provides a line of smokehouse accessories, including carts, racks, trees, screens, and more.

Increased Capacity. Same Size.

Our ovens are capable of consistently cooking more product in the same oven size as the leading competitor —
giving you more product in less space.

Excellent Results. Minimal Losses.

Total-Flow-Control eliminates the persistent hot and cold spots, giving you consistently cooked product throughout the rack.

Specialize in Large Ovens.

We specialize in constructing large ovens, but will build down to a 1×2 truck.

Better Product Consistency.

Even cooking means better product consistency no matter the placement on the rack.

Continued Support.

Providing our customers with quality equipment and unsurpassed customer service has been Fusion Tech’s goal since opening our doors over a decade ago.

Durable Build.

Fusion Tech Ovens are constructed of high grade stainless steel and designed to last years of extensive use.

Better “Per Piece” Yields.

Fusion Tech Ovens give you more consistent yields of each piece on your truck — meaning product throughout your cart, whether top, middle, or bottom, produces the same yield. This results in a 1-10% increase in product yield

Oven Tips

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